According to Taiwan media economic daily, HTC participated in the “new virtual x tomorrow reality art and technology seminar” hosted by the National Palace Museum in Taipei today (16). At the meeting, Wang Xuehong, chairman of HTC, was invited to give a performance and said to share the infinite possibilities of VR application in art and education.

Wang Xuehong said that the HTC virtual reality (VR) product vive has taken the lead in developing a fully immersive room scale virtual reality system that can be used by enterprise users and consumers. In the future, enterprises, education, medical treatment and other fields will make breakthroughs due to VR.

HTC has also been trying to build and realize vive reality, hoping to release people’s imagination for the future through the combination of science and technology and humanities, and vive arts is a good model.

The vive Arts Department of HTC also continues to promote the combination of art and technology. Wang Xuehong pointed out that great art contains good stories, and scientific skills help artists express stories. Virtual reality technology is a new way of artistic creation, so that artists can fully express what they think.

Wang Xuehong stressed that in addition to vive arts, HTC also invested millions of funds and launched various plans to support the production of wonderful content beneficial to mankind. For example, VR for impact supports the development of meaningful virtual reality content.

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