How to project LCD TV

Even though the proportion of the screen of smart phones is higher and higher, people’s requirements for watching movies are also higher and higher. The mobile screen has been unable to meet the viewing experience we want, so smart TV is naturally recognized by more and more people. When we want to see the resources on the mobile phone, but want to have a large smart TV screen. So the simplest way is to cast the screen! How to quickly put the content on the mobile phone to the TV screen, the small editor teaches you how to do it.

We often talk about projection. What is the principle of projection? Through the software, the information on the mobile phone screen is displayed on the computer screen to share video, audio, pictures and other resources. In addition, what are the conditions for screen projection? TV needs to be smart TV, but also to ensure that the network of mobile phone and smart TV is the same wireless network, which is basically OK.

1. Wireless projection

Wireless screen projection is a common method now. Generally, we will download the screen projection software: quickly cast the screen or broadcast the screen.

Quick screen projection is a wireless projection application, which supports all smart TV and smart set-top boxes with DLNA and airplay. It provides users with high-quality live TV, live beauty, live games, and the latest film and television resources. The advantage of Baidu cloud resources is that the TV terminal does not need to install other applications, and it can easily switch mobile video to TV play with one click.

Music broadcast is the most widely used and downloaded software on the market at present. Compared with other projection software, it has a unique whole network projection and one button screen projection. Any content in the mobile phone can be put on the large TV screen, and the setting is simple.

After the mobile phone is successfully connected with the smart device, the video, photo album, files and other resources in the mobile phone can be put on the TV. You can also directly select the screen, the mobile phone interface to the TV terminal. This omnipotent free projection software, anything can be cast!

2. Cable projection

In addition, the screen projection can also be completed with data lines. Cable projection is to connect the mobile phone and TV through the data line. MHL data cable should be purchased to use this screen projection method, but it will be relatively stable.

If you also want to put the contents of the mobile phone on the TV screen, you can use the above methods! Put the fun and interesting things on the TV to watch, and start a different movie watching life!

How to clean LCD TV

TV is an essential electrical appliance in our family. It can not only entertain our life, but also let us know more about the world. However, for the LCD TV at home, its screen occupies more than the average TV price. At the same time, it is the most vulnerable place in the whole TV set. So what should we do when cleaning the TV screen ?

Because the LCD TV screen surface has a very special coating, and this coating is mainly to prevent users at the time because of other light sources, resulting in TV screen reflection, so we must be extra careful in cleaning and cleaning the TV screen, so is there any good way to help us quickly clean up the TV screen? Let’s have a look!

1. First we need to prepare white vinegar and distilled water, mix them in a ratio of 1:1, and then we use glasses cloth or soft cotton cloth, dip in the mixture solution to wipe.

2. We can also use alcohol to wipe, dip some high concentration liquor on the soft cotton cloth, and then constantly wipe from the middle of the TV set to the surrounding, so that the dust on the TV can be wiped clean. When it is dry, it can also remove the static electricity on the screen and prevent the dust from adhering.

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