How to prevent welding deformation of welding robot? There are many reasons for the deformation of the welding robot during operation. The more common reasons include the failure to select a reasonable welding structure, the failure to adopt a reasonable welding process, the failure to use fixtures, and the improper operator. Xiaobian will take you to solve the welding problem. Robot welding deformation.

How to prevent welding deformation of welding robot

Prevention is greater than correction. Certain measures need to be paid attention to before, during and after the operation. Preventing deformation will help the welding robot play a greater role and improve the production efficiency and welding quality of welding operations.

Measures to prevent welding deformation of welding robots:

1. Arrange the position of the welding seam reasonably. The welds we weld include conventional welds and complex welds. Conventional welds can be simply clamped, and the welding gun of the welding robot can automatically identify welding. For complex welds, we can choose to use a welding positioner. Rotate the position of the welding seam to the position of the ship seam and the flat seam. The welding seam should not be too concentrated, and the number of welding seams should be reduced as much as possible, and the length of the welding seam should be reduced. Weld size.

2. Use auxiliary equipment in the process of assembling workpieces. The welding robot can work with the fixture to clamp the workpiece, and reserve the shrinkage margin of the welding seam. When the fixture is in the clamped state, it has the function of self-locking, which can clamp the workpiece and turn the workpiece back and forth. During the process, there will be no falling accidents. When welding the weld sequence, you can weld the short weld first, and then weld the long weld.

How to prevent welding deformation of welding robot

3. Take reasonable welding process measures. According to the material and structure of the workpiece, select a reasonable welding method. Common welding methods include argon arc welding, laser welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc. Choosing a reasonable welding method is conducive to reducing the deformation of the workpiece.

4. Improve the skill level of operators. The operator needs to undergo skilled skill training before operation. During the operation, he can find out the cause and solve the problem according to the problem, understand the structure of the welding robot and understand its function, and follow the operation process, which can reduce the deformation due to manual operation. .

How to prevent welding deformation of welding robot

The above are the measures to prevent the welding deformation of the welding robot. The stable operation of the welding robot can ensure the welding quality and improve the welding efficiency, and play a greater role.

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