A complete surveillance camera has multiple hardware components, and as the most basic product configuration, the camera guard looks like a simple ball cover, but it also contains special processing technology. Most of the time, we see the finished surveillance cameras. Those cameras with waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static functions actually depend on the role of the camera protective cover.

In order to ensure the reliability of the camera and lens and prolong their service life, the camera must be equipped with a variety of special protective measures, called protective cover. In addition, the protective cover can also try to prevent the damage of external factors to the camera and lens.

How to prevent water and electricity of surveillance camera

The protective cover realizes the dust-proof, water-proof and fog removal capabilities of the surveillance camera

In the protective cover, in addition to the spherical protective cover used for the integrated camera system, there are cylindrical, rectangular and other different shapes. The application occasions include indoor type and outdoor type. The main objectives of the protective cover of indoor surveillance camera are decoration, concealment and dust prevention. Due to its all-weather application, the outdoor type should be able to adapt to different use environments. The materials of the protective cover mainly include aluminum, alloy, extrusion molding, stainless steel, etc.

According to the application requirements of different environments, the protective cover of the camera also plays different roles. For example, the indoor camera is mainly dust-proof, while the outdoor camera needs to be considered in many aspects due to the complexity of the environment. First of all, its sealing performance must be good to ensure that rainwater cannot enter the protective cover and corrode the monitoring camera. Some outdoor protective covers are also equipped with exhaust fan, heating plate and wiper, which can better protect the equipment. When the weather is too hot, the exhaust fan works automatically, and when it is too cold, the heating plate works automatically. When there is rain on the protective cover glass, the wiper can be started through the control system.

These are more traditional means to solve the waterproof, dustproof and anti fog of the camera. With the continuous improvement of optical surface treatment technology, it has gradually become the mainstream to improve the waterproof, dustproof, anti pollution and anti-static ability of the protective cover by adding special coating technology to the protective cover.

Special coating technology for optical surface

Coating technology is mainly used for special treatment of optical surface. At present, this kind of technology is mainly in the hands of professional optical product processing solution providers led by Fulan optics. They are also the main product suppliers of professional video monitoring ball covers and protective covers in China and even in the world, and have close cooperation with video monitoring manufacturers. Taking Fulan’s coating technology as an example, its waterproof coating can quickly open the water droplets falling on the surface of the ball cover to form a water film, effectively overcome the reflection of the water droplet surface and ensure the normal shooting clarity of the camera; Hardening coating refers to coating a layer of nano film on the inner and outer surfaces of optical elements, which can improve the hardness of 6 grades and the transmittance of 5%; Different metal coatings can meet different types of reflectivity requirements.

The application field of special coating technology is very broad, and security video monitoring is only one of them. It has important application value in the medical field, medical lens, Fresnel lens in smart home field, HUD image mirror & mirror in automobile field and VR lens in virtual display field.

According to the different needs of users, different coating layers can be adopted for camera ball cover, medical lens, PIR and other Fresnel lenses, HUD optical elements in the automotive field, such as Fulan AR coating. The transmittance of optical elements can be effectively improved through wide-band AR coating. The coating layer can improve the scratch and wear resistance of optical elements after ion compression, and also has anti-static function, Dustproof and antifouling, easy to clean, effective anti fingerprint and other effects.

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