First: don’t invest in ICOs

With the development of blockchain technology, ICO was born, and early investors inevitably fell into the pit of random investment in ICO. Between 2013 and 2014, there have been many crazy blockchain projects that have successfully launched ICOs, and their token prices have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, these ICO projects died in the hype process or directly became a scam. , this pit has indeed harmed countless people, including many bigwigs in the currency circle.

Second: Do not disguise ICO

IFO is considered by the industry as a new virtual currency financing method. In the “currency circle”, the first IFO is considered to be the process of Bitcoin fork to generate BCH (Bitcoin Cash). In January 2018, the China Internet Finance Association pointed out that a model called “Issuing virtual digital assets with mining machines as the core” (IMO), represented by the issuance of Xunlei “Lanke”, is worthy of vigilance, and there are hidden risks. It also calls on consumers and investors to recognize the essence of relevant models and enhance their awareness of risk prevention.

Third: Don’t trust the “big guy”

It is inevitable that investors who have just entered the market will be charged IQ tax, and it is a trivial matter to lose a few hundred yuan. Now the common gameplay in the blockchain industry is: the industry boss gives the project party a platform, and the project party distributes tokens to the boss. If the project is completed, it will be divided into more points; if the project cannot be completed, it will be divided into less points; if the project is smashed, the boss declares that it has nothing to do with the project.

Fourth: illegal pyramid schemes

Regarding the illegal pyramid schemes in the name of “blockchain”, the Jiangsu Internet Finance Association pointed out that treasure coins, Baichuan coins, Mark coins, dark coins, etc. are all illegally sold under the cloak of digital currency or suspected to be under the cloak of digital currency. project. Li Xuyang, head of Tencent Security and Anti-Fraud Lab, said, “Recently, we have used the so-called blockchain concept to develop tokens and virtual currencies. We found that there are more than 2,000 such tokens that are very active. There are more than 3,000 crimes, and this type of crime is very harmful because the amount involved is very large.”

In general, the blockchain is still in its infancy, and many projects have not yet been implemented. Only by steadfast and step-by-step cultivation under the premise of respecting the law of growth can it gradually mature. Technology is neutral, but it is human nature that determines the direction and outcome of technology. How blockchain and digital currency will develop in the future depends on the values ​​and civilization of the operator.

Blockchain can allow you to make money in this industry and also make you bankrupt, so An Zi is here to remind the majority of users that investment should be cautious, and don’t make money but put yourself in it, which is not worth the loss. In addition, there are many blockchain scams. We also need to be vigilant to avoid being deceived and causing unnecessary economic losses.

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