This article introduces the simple and convenient implementation of 5G beamforming and large-scale MiMo through the integration of beamformer and Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G up/down converter.

In the process of extending 5G communication to mmWave frequency bands, there are two important issues:

● How to overcome the high attenuation characteristics of millimeter waves?

● How to integrate massive multiple-input multiple-output (MiMo) into the operation of the base station?

Beamforming is one of the key technologies of mmWave communication, which increases transmission distance and reduces interference between different radio frequency channels. With the design and development of 5G NR networks, large-scale MiMo has also become a key technology for 5G NR deployment. The millimeter-wave large-scale MiMo system requires a large number of antennas, complex algorithms, and beam control devices to improve user experience in 5G.

Main Features of Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G

Operating frequency: 26.5-29.5GHz, 37-40GHz

Antenna designed for 5G n257 frequency band

Up to 16 controllable RF channels, each providing:

● 360° phase shifter coverage, 5° per step

● 15dB attenuation range, 0.5dB per step

T/R half-duplex operation

Software control via RJ-45 Ethernet or SPI interface


Enabling 5G Beamforming, Phased Array, and Massive MiMo with Sub-6GHz Devices

Beam-steerable, ready-to-use, detachable mmWave antenna for 5G NR applications

Integrated software/hardware and easy-to-access programming architecture

Antenna designers, 5G algorithm developers, and baseband/system communications researchers have been searching for better solutions to extend existing sub-6 GHz devices to the 5G mmWave frequency band. Attenuation and signal loss become more prominent as 5G communications expand to higher frequencies. Therefore, there are some hurdles in extending 5G communication to mmWave, for example, how to overcome the high attenuation at these frequencies? Can this solution be integrated into the operation of the base station with massive MiMo technology?


Due to the high attenuation characteristics of millimeter waves, beamforming has become one of the keys to 5G millimeter wave communications, which can increase transmission range, reduce radio frequency channel noise, and increase gain and directivity. However, it still needs to be improved when deployed to 5G communications.

Large-Scale MiMo

Millimeter-wave massive MiMo systems need to incorporate a large number of such beamforming antennas to significantly increase transmission capacity and reduce interference to neighboring users. They combine sophisticated algorithms and beam steering to focus radio signals into narrower beams for specific applications.

·Extending Sub-6 GHz devices to mmWave·

The integration of Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G up/down converter and beamforming equipment integration solution can be used for:

● Millimeter wave beamforming, 5G antenna array design and phased array

● Multiple-input multiple-output (MiMo) technology research and development

Extending to Sub-6 GHz Devices with 5G mmWave Beamforming

Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G Up/Down Converter

Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G up/down converter is an ultra-wideband 5G NR millimeter wave frequency conversion device covering up to 44GHz, it is an up/down converter with integrated mixer, internal LO and optional IF and RF filters, dedicated to 5G and satellite communications.

It can be widely used in a variety of 5G application scenarios:

5G mmWave far-field measurement

By using multiple UD Box 5G and beamforming devices, the application of sub-6GHz devices to mmWave far-field measurements is realized.

Programmable 5G mmWave solution

Hongke TMYTEK UD Box 5G up/down converter allows 5G protocol developers and engineers to control parameters according to application needs, making it ideal for research and development of beamforming algorithms and protocols.

Large-Scale MiMo Applications

Hongke millimeter wave large-scale MiMo solution

As shown in the figure, the mmWave large-scale MiMo solution consists of 4 parts: beamformer, up/down converter, RF transceiver and MiMo processor. The system currently supports up to 128 channels at the base station and can support 12 simultaneous users, and it is also capable of fast three-dimensional beamforming steering. By controlling the phase and amplitude of each channel, a beam steering range of up to 90 degrees in horizontal and vertical directions can be achieved.


This mmWave large-scale MiMo solution has proven to be very helpful for research and system development, and the solution can be used in a wide range of research fields, including algorithm research, mmWave field data acquisition and verification, RU system development, etc. The accumulation of technology and the application of large-scale MiMo and beamforming are one of the most important technologies to realize the 5G/B5G millimeter wave communication system.

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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