The full range of monitoring level product portfolio of “from terminal to core” has added a Western Digital purple 12tb hard disk supporting machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve security.

In order to meet the new application needs of the video monitoring industry in the field of higher resolution cameras and real-time terminal analysis, Western Data Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) has expanded its video monitoring series products and launched a new monitoring level hard disk with large capacity and deep learning ability, namely western digital with exclusive allframeai technology ® Purple 12tb hard disk. The new series of video surveillance products launched by western data create new possibilities for video surveillance, support multiple high-resolution video streams, and access recorded videos at the same time to support in-depth learning and analysis. This function is specially designed for emerging DVR and NVR systems with artificial intelligence (AI) function, and detects AI trigger events in real time through continuous background learning.

How to optimize video surveillance system with AI technology

According to IDC’s prediction, by 2021, the amount of AI byte large data generated by video monitoring solution will increase by 1% at the rate of 25% per year. This growth is driven by the development of high-end cameras, the significant improvement of resolution, the popularity of intelligent applications and the expansion of overall video analysis applications in the world. The traditional video surveillance system lacks further analysis ability after detecting moving objects, while the new system can support more functions, such as real-time terminal analysis, to more accurately detect targets and reduce false triggers. For example, objects such as animals, leaves and even light may lead to false alarms. The system based on artificial intelligence can not only detect moving targets, but also analyze these targets to help determine whether they are enough to pose a potential threat.

In addition, in addition to simple dynamic detection, deep learning algorithm also has advanced functions such as face recognition and behavior prediction, so as to promote the progress of retail and entertainment industries.

Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing of Western digital device department, said: “The network video recording system is becoming more and more intelligent. People design or optimize the video monitoring system based on artificial intelligence, make full use of the performance of new GPU and CPU, improve the overall in-depth learning ability, and accelerate the development of algorithms related to target recognition and face recognition. The video monitoring system with in-depth learning ability needs larger storage capacity and more advanced images Processing capacity, with the help of cameras to achieve more advanced analysis functions, such as finding a face image from videos stored for weeks or months, or making passenger flow heat map based on hours of retail surveillance video. “

Derek Yang, President of Hikvision Europe, said: “With the continuous improvement of our monitoring solution capability, the amount of data obtained, stored and analyzed from videos installed in millions of smart cities, intelligent transportation and other monitoring applications around the world is increasing. The combination of Western Digital purple 12tb monitoring hard disk and monitoring products will enable us to provide customers with more optimized monitoring solutions.”

Western Digital purple 12tb surveillance hard disk can provide more storage space for all compatible video surveillance systems. Western Digital purple 10TB and 12tb hard disks adopt exclusive allframe AI technology, so that the hard disk can support more AI channels (16 AI channels / 32 AI streams). In the future, it can also be used for the next generation video monitoring system with more powerful functions, and can promote the in-depth learning and continuous development of video analysis in the monitoring market.

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