Natural language processing technology is an important branch of artificial intelligence technology. With the maturity of natural language processing technology itself, a relatively perfect industrial chain has been established, which has spawned a number of commercial products for natural language processing technology. Natural language processing platform is such a commercial product. At present, service products based on natural language processing platform occupy more than half of the market share, and have unlimited application potential because of its flexibility.

1. Natural language processing optimizes human computer interaction

Natural language processing technology refers to the process of transforming the language information used in human communication into machine language. As an important branch of artificial intelligence technology, it plays an important role in information processing and data extraction. Natural language processing technology has many detailed technology branches, such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic analysis and so on. Through the combination of these refinement technologies, it can realize more complex technical applications such as text sentiment analysis and customer information mining.

With the popularity of the network, human beings have entered the era of information explosion, machines need to deal with more and more data, more and more types. Among them, the number of texts is very large, and most of them belong to natural language.

In order to analyze and utilize the text information, NLP technology is needed. NLP (natural language processing), that is, natural language processing, is equivalent to the translation between machine language and human language. By building a communication bridge, it can effectively achieve the purpose of human-computer communication.

Generally speaking, natural language processing is an important direction in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence. It studies various theories and methods of effective communication between human and computer using natural language. Natural language processing is a science integrating linguistics, computer science and mathematics. Through natural language processing and topic modeling, the process of technology optimization, competitive analysis and weak signal detection can be improved, and the analysis of massive text data can be accelerated. The above links are the key to innovation driven.

Today, artificial intelligence technology is creating a digital landscape that transcends physical boundaries and integrates many industries. Next, how to make people communicate with intelligence smoothly and efficiently is where the value of natural language processing technology should play. How to transform images, voice and video into the knowledge of artificial intelligence, and how to use software system to transform the cold machine into the artificial intelligence with temperature, will also be one of the focuses of researchers in various countries.

Over the years, natural language processing technology has made significant progress, and gradually began to move from the laboratory to the market. According to analysts’ prediction, in the next few years, speech recognition, semantic recognition and speech synthesis technology will enter many fields such as industry, communication, home appliances, medical treatment, automotive electronics, home services, etc.

2. Natural language processing platform services occupy half of the market

Machine heart believes that from the perspective of market development, the market of natural language processing technology is in a period of rapid development based on the progress of technology itself, and the market profit margin will grow exponentially. By 2021, the annual revenue of the global market will exceed 7 billion US dollars. Market structure is mainly divided into software suppliers, hardware suppliers and service providers.

Among them, compared with industry solutions that provide direct support such as software or hardware, enterprises that provide natural language processing platform services and other related data or algorithm services account for more than 50% of the market share.

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Natural language processing technology can not be put into practice overnight. From the initial bag of words model based on the probability of field occurrence to the natural language understanding based on deep learning technology, its model construction process includes five main stages: acquisition of corpus, preprocessing of corpus, characterization, model training, and evaluation of the model And debugging. This set of mature and stable technology process promotes the mature integration level, and the common natural language platform for different application scenarios accelerates the pace of commercialization of natural language processing technology.

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So far, the application of natural language processing platform is distributed in many fields, and through a variety of combinations of its detailed technical tasks, the application of natural language processing platform successfully landed in many scattered detailed application scenarios. The hot spot map data comes from sorting out discrete cases in different fields, analyzing the technologies involved, and grading the data according to the frequency of application technology and related scenes. From shallow to deep, it indicates that the frequency of its occurrence is from low to high.

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According to the report of intelligent manufacturing network, in recent years, more and more governments and business organizations around the world have gradually realized the importance of artificial intelligence in economy and strategy, and set foot in artificial intelligence from national strategy and business activities, and use it to promote their own intelligence and industrialization process.

Major enterprises are also in the layout of artificial intelligence natural language processing technology related products. As early as August 2019, Facebook announced the establishment of AI language research consortium, a community of partners. Facebook said it would “work together to promote NLP”. The new group will promote collaboration to solve challenging problems such as content understanding, representational learning dialogue system, information extraction analysis, sentiment analysis, summarization, data collection and cleaning, and voice translation.

3. The first application of intelligent customer service management

At present, with the development of economy and the improvement of living conditions, consumers pay more and more attention to the experience and feeling in the whole consumption process. As a result, more and more enterprises put customer service into their important strategic plans and regard it as an important source of their core competitiveness. Among them, customer service management is the key means to improve customer satisfaction.

As a cloud technology service enterprise, Yuyi technology is based on the independent research and development of artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm, and provides customized and integrated data innovation solutions to customers based on its unique natural language processing patent technology and in-depth understanding of segmentation fields. At present, the company’s main industries are: customer service intelligent quality inspection and monitoring system; network public opinion analysis system; literature IP incubation decision system, etc.

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