As many as 560000 people in South Korea have abandoned 5g because consumers are dissatisfied with its poor quality, insufficient coverage and high fees. According to the news, the number of users returning from 5g to 4G accounts for 6.5% of the total number of 5g users of the three mobile operators in South Korea.

South Korea’s telecom operators began to provide personal 5g access service in April 2019. With the growth of 5g usage time, consumers have more and more complaints about 5g. Many people think that it is too expensive for Korean people to use 5g, and 5g cannot be used in remote areas because of the problem of base station coverage. In a recent poll on 5g, the majority of South Koreans are dissatisfied with 5g.

The coverage rate of 5g network in South Korea is only Seoul and several other prosperous cities. If users go out of these cities to other places, they still need to use 4G network. The incomplete coverage rate will bring a lot of trouble to 5g users. 5g users of the three major operators in South Korea use 4G network 80% of the time in a day, so 5g users complain the most about network coverage.

How to make 5g package popular?

5g network does not provide Korean users with a good sense of experience. Some users said that the connectivity of 5g network in Korea is very poor, and they often switch between 4G and 5g networks. However, this high-frequency switching speed will increase the power consumption of mobile phones, which is a very inconvenient thing for people who have to go out for a long time. After switching the network, the mobile phone itself has no power.

The selling point of 5g is its high speed. When its network speed is not as smooth as 4G, why choose to use 5g? Moreover, the cost is very expensive, which is also a burden for everyone. It is still unknown whether 5g package can be popularized. The quality of 5g package can not be ignored. To improve the quality of 5g network is not only to solve the problem of network coverage.

5g is not far away from us, 5g base station is close to us, 5g package has become civilian, so enjoying 5g network speed is a matter of anytime and anywhere. Many people are boasting about how good 5g is, but it’s another matter whether they dare to taste it. After all, most consumers are still used to and rely on 4G for a long time. For the common people, the current network speed has been improved several times, and I believe the life experience it can bring is also improved several times.

With the development of 5g era, more and more consumers have joined in, and they have enjoyed 5g ahead of more people. Only with the increase of user base can 5g commercialization develop faster and better, and 5g related products become richer and stronger. The emergence of “5g free choice” provides consumers with an opportunity to use 5g for 9 yuan, which plays a positive role in promoting the commercialization of 5g.

The further improvement of package price and service quality is the basis for 5g service to gain more consumer recognition, and the one-year high price positioning of the three major operators undoubtedly makes it difficult for many consumers to accept. “5g free choice” not only can make low price, but also has the number, traffic, monthly rent and other free collocation choice. The maximum traffic of 100GB is also suitable for the current public’s demand of playing from 4G to 5g.

If the price of 5g is set at the right price, the real benefit is still the consumers. You can enjoy shopping, short videos, watching dramas, playing games, and watching live broadcast at a speed tens of times faster than 4G. There is no jam or delay at all. In this way, you can solve the problem from the root and easily do it under the low charge of “5g free choice”.

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