With the development of science and technology, intelligent pressure transmitter has gradually stepped onto the stage of many industries. After decades of development, frequency conversion control has become a major tool to save power, improve consumption process, improve production volume and improve operating environment. Transmitter is of great significance in China’s mechanical manufacturing industry. For the transmitter market, the process of the industry is common. The transmitter is a relatively mature market in the domestic market. In addition to the market of new projects, there are some technical exchanges every year.

Intelligent pressure transmitter used for a period of time, its function to maintain unchanged ability is called stability. Besides the structure of the transmitter, the main factor affecting the long-term stability of the transmitter is the operating environment of the transmitter. Therefore, in order to make the transmission with good stability, the transmitter must have strong environmental adaptability.

How to maintain long-term stability of intelligent pressure transmitter

The stability of pressure transmitter has quantitative index. After the service life is exceeded, it should be calibrated again before use to determine whether the function of the transmitter changes. In some cases where the transmitter can be used for a long time and cannot be replaced or calibrated easily, the selected transmitter is required to be more stable and can withstand the test for a long time.

The intelligent pressure transmitter is designed and produced with precision compensation technology. It adopts special explosion-proof enclosure with LCD display. The product adopts a number of new technologies and processes, which not only ensures the quality and performance of the product, but also greatly meets the needs of customers. It is suitable for the measurement and control of fluid pressure in various industrial processes. It is used in hydraulic control, building automation, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other fields.

The explosion-proof pressure sensor is used in oil well platform, wellhead pressure equipment, BOP pipeline equipment, mine, oil tank, oil storage and transportation monitoring, petrochemical equipment, oil refining, oxygen transmission system and pipeline, hydrogen equipment, power station, boiler, thermoelectric unit, petrochemical environmental protection air pressure Light Industry Machinery Metallurgy and other pressure measurement environment with explosion-proof requirements. In these environments, explosion-proof pressure sensors are usually required.

Because the application market of the transmitter has not been fully excavated, we can know that the explosion-proof transmitter will definitely have a larger application market. The price of the explosion-proof type is not much higher than that of the ordinary pressure sensor, so the transmitter in the future will have certain explosion-proof ability, which is more convenient for customers’ requirements.

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