Professional e-sports experts always need some powerful e-sports equipment to escort their game journey and experience the most incisive e-sports pleasure. However, there are not a few monitors that are nominally dedicated to e-sports, but in the current market environment with serious homogeneity, how to lock a truly excellent e-sports monitor? A professional recommendation from a big-caliber digital IT expert is believed to be a more reliable choice.

Recently, many professional e-sports experts have praised the ANT27VQ from Ant e-sports ANTGAMER. As the first real screen monitor, it has distinctive e-sports display features and all-round display parameter configuration. Below, you may wish to follow the small The editor’s introduction perspective, to experience the various wonderful experiences of this monitor in detail!

Real screen ant e-sports ANT27VQ, game enthusiasts are eagerly waiting

The ANT27VQ monitor is the benchmark of the second-generation ANTGAMER product. It is aimed at professional and even professional team-level e-sports players. Accurate color reproduction, extremely fast picture response, and all-round and thoughtful detail design are the three core selling points of the monitor. It is no wonder that many game enthusiasts will call it “the soul of e-sports”, and the product has been recommended by the OMG professional team, and the overall performance is worth looking forward to.

A good monitor that OMG professional teams respect

ANT27VQ restores the most wonderful colors

The display is based on a top-level 27-inch IPS gaming screen, with 2K high-level 2560*1440 high-definition resolution, to ensure that every inch of the screen display is clear and delicate enough. The four color gamuts of the product all have super high performance. The color gamut area ratio of sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, and NTSC has reached 100%. With the excellent color accuracy performance of Δ≤1.45, it is a veritable all-round real scene screen. Combat power MAX can bring users more pleasant visual effects in various battle situations.

Wide color gamut + accurate color, meeting the strict requirements of gaming enthusiasts for the sense of picture

ANT27VQ realizes super fast response of the picture

The extremely high refresh rate of 165Hz and the extreme gray-scale response time of 1ms are the necessary parameters to perfectly control the first-person shooter games such as eating chicken, which are fully presented in the ANT27VQ. Coupled with the “tacit cooperation” of AMD Free Sync vertical synchronization technology, screen tearing and freezing no longer appear, every intense scene switching in FPS games, and every hurricane moment in racing games, the clarity brought by ANT27VQ The picture is not compromised at all, and it is fun and refreshing to play, which is what e-sports enthusiasts want.

Extremely fast response performance, perfect control of various FPS games

· ANT27VQ’s thoughtful and perfect detail experience is more pleasing

As the second-generation flagship product carefully crafted by ANTGAMER, the brand designers have poured many excellent software and hardware details into the product. Such as HDR400 high dynamic range image optimization technology and dark part balance mode, so that players can really play where they want, and never miss any details of the picture due to uneven light and dark.

Not only that, ANT27VQ pays more attention to the creation of a game belief atmosphere than the previous work. The V-shaped RGB colorful changing lighting effect on the back of the display, as well as the unique bracket design that supports up and down, left and right rotation, is more stylish and more stylish, allowing players to turn on the display. At that moment, immediately enter the combat state, let ANT27VQ always become your close combat partner, and it will be even more powerful in all kinds of magnificent battlefields.

Unique design details, carry your unique e-sports beliefs

As the flagship of the ANTGAMER brand of Ant Gaming, ANT27VQ is now officially launched, with a series of powerful parameters such as accurate color reproduction and fast response. Many game enthusiasts have been looking forward to it for a long time, and many digital IT experts are also Sincerely respected.

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