Learning SCM needs to have certain basic knowledge of circuit foundation, digital circuit, analog circuit, signal system, C language programming and so on. SCM learning includes hardware design and programming design, early SCM with assembly programming more people, now more and more people use C language programming. Let’s share how to learn SCM quickly and effectively.

1. Learning programming from 51 single chip microcomputer

Many people suggest that we can start with STM32, ARV, MSP430 and other single-chip microcomputers directly. When making products, we can choose this kind of single-chip microcomputers according to the specific needs. But from the perspective of zero basic entry, I still suggest that MCU start from 51 MCU. Because 51 series microcontrollers are the first to enter China, there are many users and many data, and the most critical register configuration is relatively simple.

With the foundation of digital analog electricity and C language, you can buy a 51 single chip microcomputer to learn programming. When learning programming, we should have a sequence. First, we should operate the GPIO port of MCU, then learn timer, interrupt, AD sampling, PWM output, and finally learn UART, IIC, SPI and other communication methods. After the above steps, we have a basic understanding of MCU.

2. Design of learning hardware

MCU programming is based on hardware, after understanding the programming, we can learn about the design of MCU hardware. At present, the electronic products are basically based on the single chip microcomputer, and then according to the demand, build the peripheral circuit around the single chip microcomputer. In the design of the circuit, it is necessary to consider whether the scheme is conducive to programming. The study of hardware should start from the basic circuit, such as the design of LED lamp circuit, relay circuit, buzzer circuit, nixie tube circuit, RS232 / RS485 circuit, etc. Although they are independent modules, they can be connected by programming, which is also the reason why we learn to design circuit after learning programming.

3. Learning to do projects

Learning SCM is to make products. There may be no opportunity to participate in the project during the learning phase. We can refine some requirements according to our own ideas, and finally design circuits and write programs to achieve them. Or try to achieve a single-chip development board, the process of learning single-chip is to spend money. If you have the opportunity to participate in the project, you must grasp it. Practice what you have learned in the project and expand your knowledge in the project.

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