As for how to learn Embedded and MCU, I answer from three aspects: my own student experience, work experience and suggestions for learning embedded MCU

1、 Embedded learning experience of students

I remember when I first came into contact with embedded as an elective course in my sophomore year. At that time, the teacher took an arm board, installed a RedHat virtual machine, and then built a compilation environment. For me at that time, it was really like a Book of heaven. Did I have to use the command to build a folder? Also refresh my understanding!

When I was a junior, I studied microcomputer principle, digital circuit and other professional courses, also studied MCU technology, and gradually came into contact with C language, assembly and VHDL. When I debug code step by step, interact with hardware, and see all kinds of phenomena caused by program execution, I gradually have a new understanding of embedded system, and also have an interest in it. After I was a senior, I gradually became interested in it To program and design small projects. So, from my own point of view, I haven’t started my junior year.

2、 Embedded working experience

If ability is forced out, people who see it may not believe it. But the fact is that if you are always lax and have no tight goals and plans, you will be inefficient and your ability will improve very slowly. For the study of any new field or new skill, spend a period of time, focus on learning and breakthrough, the so-called book read a hundred times, its meaning is self-evident. In the embedded field, we should read the manual a hundred times, debug the code a hundred times, and the secret will be revealed. In a word, give yourself a goal and direction, and strive to pursue it once. If you don’t know how to improve, you don’t know the method. Next, let’s introduce it.

3、 Embedded MCU learning suggestions

Draw the point! For example, the learning of embedded or single-chip microcomputer focuses on the practice of actual projects. In any case, even if you are looking for the routine of the development board on the Internet, you should find a small function, small project, follow the practice, change the code on the basis, step by step and so on, and gradually understand the functions completed by the program and hardware. Don’t read all the time! Have a project, directly participate in the project, no project to find the development board to find their own projects to do! In constant practice, do not understand the hardware to find manuals, do not understand the program to read books and network information, do not understand the logic on the single step debugging, do not understand the principle to learn! Develop and solve problems in practice, so as to gradually uncover the veil, and gradually understand the charm of embedded.

Of course, there is an accelerator on the basis of all this, that is, interest. Interest can lead you to actively learn and explore the unknown. So if you want to learn Embedded, you should find its beauty and interest yourself. This will make everything mentioned above more interesting, not a burden on yourself.

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