The LED driver is actually a power supply that supplies power to the LED lamp beads, and is a power adjustment electronic device that drives the LED light-emitting or LED module components to work normally. So what are the symptoms of a broken LED driver? Let’s take a look at it with the editor!

  • Judging by the driver chip

The core of the LED light driver is the IC, and the quality of the IC directly affects the entire LED light driver.

  • Judging by the transformer

The transformer determines the power and temperature resistance, and is responsible for completing the conversion between alternating current, magnetic energy and direct current.

  • Judging by electrolytic capacitors and chip ceramic capacitors
  • Judging by the circuit design and welding process of the power supply products
  • Judging by batch testing aging racks and high temperature aging rooms of power products

Through the aging of the entire batch of power supplies and the high-temperature sampling inspection of the high-temperature room, the quality stability of the power supply and whether the materials have potential safety hazards are detected.

There are also some bad symptoms:

  • Completely off: one of the lamp beads is broken; the power supply may also be broken.
  • Flashing and flashing: The gold wire of the lamp bead is soldered, resulting in poor contact; the power supply is unstable.


Use a multimeter for testing, and replace the power supply directly with the power supply.

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