At present, the degree of informatization in the automobile industry is uneven, some are very high, some are just in the initial state, and some even use the method of manual operation. But all enterprises hope to establish identification system to help the whole enterprise management to a certain level, the efficiency of the whole logistics link can be improved, and the error rate can be reduced.

Although most enterprises have established their own ERP system, but each enterprise has its own information system, information island is serious, and the degree of informatization is seriously inconsistent, our domestic enterprises’ informatization situation is particularly backward. However, every enterprise has a long-term investment in information construction, and has a strong desire for the establishment of identification system.

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Auto parts industry is an important part of the auto industry, which is the basis to ensure the long-term stable development of the auto industry. After the development in recent years, the auto parts market has reached 200 billion yuan and the maintenance market has reached 60 billion yuan. It has not only formed a certain economic scale, but also greatly improved the automobile quality level. With the development of automobile localization, a relatively complete and mature parts supporting system has been initially formed.

How to integrate RFID technology into Al Automobile Supply Chain Management

Architecture ideas

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a rapid development of identification technology in recent years. Compared with the traditional bar code technology, it has the characteristics of large data capacity, contactless identification, long storage time, pollution resistance and bad environment, and is widely used in various industries.

Compared with other industries, automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers are facing greater pressure: on the one hand, they need to constantly reduce costs; On the other hand, they have to ensure that their products meet the industry’s particularly stringent quality standards. In recent years, automobile manufacturers have spent a lot of IT budget on supply chain management system to achieve a transparent and flexible supply chain. The role of RFID technology in material and product tracking will have a positive impact on the automotive supply chain. Through the deployment of RFID system, the visual management of the supply chain process and the distributed control of the manufacturing process can be realized.

A typical RFID automatic identification system consists of the following parts: data carrier, read / write unit and interface module. The interface module is connected with PLC, PC and other control units by bus or serial communication.

Design principles

To establish a unified central database in the enterprise workshop as an information platform for the circulation of goods, so as to facilitate the overall standardized management. In the industrial sector, RFID technology is used to assign an identification number (ID) to each part in process, that is, the name of the part in the information network. Through RFID technology, the production status and inventory situation are mapped to the information network, registered in the site central database, and transmitted to the information system (such as ERP, MRP).

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