At present, many users buy video surveillance cameras and don’t know how to install them, especially some family users. They don’t have a large number of cameras themselves. If they need to ask an engineer to help install them, they won’t do it if the installation fee is less, and they will suffer if they give more. Today I’ll teach you how to install surveillance cameras and the eight steps of their installation. In fact, the installation of small video surveillance system is very simple. Xiaobai without basic knowledge can also be installed. First of all, you need to buy a camera. You’d better buy the products of well-known manufacturers. The product performance is guaranteed. It also has the advantages of high sensitivity, strong light resistance, small distortion, small volume, long service life, anti vibration and so on

Purchase equipment: camera, computer (or hard disk video recorder), video cable (with good shielding), power cable,

Eight steps for installation of surveillance camera:

1. Select the location where the camera is to be installed. This needs to be selected according to the needs of the site and things. If others can’t help you, take out the surveillance camera support and prepare tools and parts: expansion plug, screw, screwdriver, small hammer, electric drill and other necessary tools; According to the installation position determined in advance, check the size and model of expansion plug and self tapping screw, try whether the screw mouth of support screw and camera base is appropriate, whether the embedded pipeline interface is handled well, test whether the cable is unblocked, and enter the installation procedure after it is ready. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of the field of view of the monitoring target, its installation height: the indoor ground shall not be less than 2.5m; The outdoor distance from the ground shall not be less than 3.5m.

2. For the installation of surveillance camera, carefully install the lens according to the camera lens model and specification determined in advance (the infrared integrated camera does not need to install the lens), and pay attention not to touch the lens CCD (the part marked in the figure). After confirming that it is firmly fixed, turn on the power supply, connect the host or use the monitor and small TV on site to adjust the aperture focal length.

3. Fix the surveillance camera, take out the support, expansion plug, screw, screwdriver, small hammer, electric drill and other tools, and install the support according to the predetermined position. After checking that it is firm, install the camera in the agreed direction;

4. Installation of camera shield. If the shield needs to be installed, install the shield directly from here after the second step. 1. Open the upper cover plate and rear baffle of the shield; 2. Pull out the fixed metal sheet and fix the camera; 3. Install the power adapter into the shield; 4. Reset the upper cover plate and rear baffle, straighten out the cables, fix them, and install them on the support.

5. Install the camera BNC head or aviation head, insert the welded video cable BNC plug into the video cable socket, and confirm that it is firmly fixed. The monitoring camera and its supporting devices, such as lens, protective cover, support, wiper, etc., shall be firmly installed, operate flexibly, pay attention to damage prevention and coordinate with the surrounding environment.

6. Connect the power supply, insert the power output plug of the power adapter into the power socket of the surveillance camera, and confirm the firmness. In the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, the installation of surveillance camera shall be insulated from the ground.

7. Connect the video host and connect the other end of the cable to the control host or monitor (TV) to ensure it is firm.

8. Adjust the camera to the best position, turn on the monitoring host and camera power, and adjust the camera angle to the predetermined range through the monitor. In addition, the installation of all control, display, recording and other terminal equipment of surveillance camera shall be stable and easy to operate. The monitor (screen) shall avoid direct external light. When it is inevitable, light avoidance measures shall be taken. The equipment installed in the console and cabinet (rack) shall be provided with ventilation and heat dissipation measures, and the internal connectors shall be firmly connected with the equipment *.

Install the video surveillance camera and complete the above eight steps. A simple analog video surveillance system is completed. The so-called customers who have no installation experience and security Xiaobai don’t have to worry and fear anymore. If the installation can’t display normally according to the above steps, first see if there is a problem with the wiring. If there is a problem with the wood, then find the camera itself to take it down and power on for test, Sometimes, if the image is more beautiful, it may be that the wiring wood is well done. If the explosion-proof video monitoring system is the best, it can also be installed by professional engineers. This money can not be saved. Compared with explosion-proof video surveillance, it is related to the safe production environment. You can’t joke at will. Who will take charge of the accident? Right? The above installation experience and steps of surveillance cameras are limited to the installation of household and some small surveillance systems.

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