With more and more people using computers, the configuration of computers is also higher and higher, especially for the memory requirements of computers, so now many computers are installed with memory modules, so how to install the memory modules? Here is an introduction.

How to install memory module

1. Prepare “memory module” and “cross screwdriver”.

2. Open the “computer back cover” and find the place to install the memory module.

3. Tilt the memory module into the “slot”, press it down, you can release it when you hear the click sound, and then install the back cover again with a screwdriver to complete the installation.

How to insert the memory module? 90% of the interpolation may be wrong

Generally, there are at least two memory slots on the motherboard of a computer. If only one is used and there is a spare slot, you can keep the original memory module and just plug the new memory module into the spare slot.

When inserting, first pull the buckles on both sides of the free slot to both sides. Both the memory module and the slot have an anti dazzle opening, so that they are divided into two parts: width and width. When inserting, the anti dazzle opening should be aligned, press hard, and be sure to insert it in place. Then pull the buckles on both sides and get stuck.

If all the slots are occupied, if you want to upgrade, you can only remove one of the small capacity ones and replace it with one of the large capacity ones. When you unplug the memory module, you should first pull the card open, and then pull the memory module up. Then replace it with a new memory module according to the above method.

When installing a memory module, we should pay attention to the compatibility of the two memory modules. If there is a crash or direct black screen does not display after inserting the new memory, you can wipe the golden finger of both memory modules, and then you have to replace the memory module.

Disassembly method of memory module

It’s easy to remove the memory. As long as you gently open the clips on both sides of the memory module, the memory will jump out of the slot.

Through the above introduction, we know how to install the memory module. Only when we learn to install the memory module can we ensure the memory space of the computer and make the computer run more smoothly.

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