How to increase virtual memory?

All the programs run in the computer need to be executed by memory. If the programs run in a large or large amount of memory, the memory will be exhausted. In order to solve this problem, virtual memory technology is used in windows, that is to spare part of the hard disk space to serve as memory.

Next, this article takes virtul box as an example to teach you how to increase memory.

1. To increase the memory of the virtual machine, you first need to shut down the virtual machine. Select the virtual machine that you want to add virtual memory and click the “Settings” icon.

2. In the virtual machine setting interface, click the “system” option, and then you can see the memory configuration of the current virtual machine. You can see that my virtual machine memory is 1g.

3. Next, you can directly use the mouse to check the memory module capacity slider, or directly input the memory size and click “OK” to save.

4. Then you can see in the hardware information display panel of the virtual machine that the memory has changed from 1g to 2G.

5. For other types of virtual machines, such as VMware, virtual machine and so on, you can also operate in this way.

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