The development of domestic medical devices is less than 30 years, and some categories have achieved higher results, but at present, many devices are still in the stage of meeting the requirements. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because the first requirement of medical equipment is to be able to assist treatment, achieve clinical effect or auxiliary effect. When people don’t enter the medical device industry, they may feel that the medical device is very mysterious. What is it after entering? It turns out that it is just some electronic or mechanical products. Although they are medical devices, they are also electrical or mechanical products. Therefore, the so-called design of medical devices is actually the design of an electrical and / or mechanical product. In this case, how should medical equipment be designed?

The theoretical description is too tired. Let’s take a case to design a medical device today, let’s see the efficiency of the design. Let’s use laser physiotherapy equipment as a case.

The first part of medical equipment design, do not do the appearance design and structural design, first do the application-side design. For laser physiotherapy equipment, the core application end is laser, so how many wavelengths does laser need and what kind of laser can physiotherapy? The answer is definitely not uniform, because the laser is also divided into various bands. If we choose 600nm, here is just an example, which is not to say that 600nm can be used for physical therapy. Do not use it casually. Let’s set the band. The first thing we do next is to find a suitable light source generator.

Yes, there are many kinds. Next, define what kind of light source you want to use. If you want to use a portable medical device, choose a smaller light source as much as possible. If the target is a large laser physiotherapy device, choose a larger light source.

In the second part of the design, we need to combine the application parameters to design the clinical parameters. First, even if the wavelength of the laser is fixed, for the laser, we need to have certain intensity control. If the intensity is too large, no matter what light, physical damage will be completed, so this design is still clinical application design. After the ready-made parameter design, the light source generator will be fixed combined with the target design product. At the same time, we should consider the size and replacement mode of the light source generator. Because of the fast speed, we will directly consider the replacement mode. If a kind of fixture is needed, consider injection molding or looking for a suitable shell installation. Note that there are many ready-made plastic shells on the market, which do not need injection molding to be completed. Of course, if necessary, consider injection molding in the future, which can be temporarily handed over to the structural design.

In the third part, we will consider the power supply mode and whether the battery and other devices are needed. If necessary, we will not design. There are many charging modules on the market, which can be directly applied. You only need to design the coordination between the battery output and the light source. Specifically, you will not need to consider too much, because your light source supplier will give you the appropriate power demand parameters. The power supply and charging module have been selected, so what is the next step?

The fourth part is the risk control of the device. In principle, with the power supply and light source, the laser equipment can emit light and complete its output parameters, but it can’t be called the medical equipment, because the medical equipment needs to continuously evaluate the risk and demand. How to control the intensity and wavelength of the light source? This may be the matter of the later quality control plan. What about safety control? It’s not possible to have laser therapy all the time, or to give users a timing device, or to let users use their mobile phones to calculate the physical therapy time. Of course, it’s possible. The simplest way is to configure an external timer, which is the processing method of devices in the 1980s. Now there will be some depth in the equipment review. You need to close the equipment regularly, which is the minimum risk control at present.

This is not to electronic design, no electronic engineer can complete it? You can directly ask PCB design company for assistance, so the cost will inevitably increase. The simplest way is to directly purchase timing device and time control switch, which is the opinion given by baichi Baba. In this way, you may be limited to some extent. Using mature time control switch on the market can quickly complete the design, but you may encounter a little trouble. If the model selection is not appropriate, the appearance may not be very good-looking. At the same time, the time control switch may be out of stock, which may cause the product can not be operated for a long time. So if you can design a timing device simply. Because the mechanical buttons will inevitably affect the appearance, we only recommend you to design by yourself.

If you think about another way, you may not have to worry too much. We do not use mechanical buttons, but use liquid crystal screen to design. Although the cost of writing program design interface will be slightly higher in the initial stage, the appearance of the product can remain unchanged without mechanical buttons. Next, just the timing module and the selection of time control module. They are all inside the product, so you do not have to set them yourself It’s PCB. The module board can be purchased and directly compiled for use.

How to improve the efficiency of medical device design and medical device design

Why baichi Baba repeatedly emphasizes not to design PCB by yourself, because what I’m describing to you today is to reduce the technical difficulty as much as possible. If there is PCB design, there will be PCB processing, unqualified, after-sales and other problems. For small enterprises that are not willing to make too much technical investment, it’s not necessary to design PCB, and it’s very good to directly purchase mature modules The choice of.

In this step, the control system is completed with LCD and module, and the structure of the product is basically determined. At this time, the appearance design and structure design of the medical device can be carried out. Why start now? This is a quick way to complete the design summarized by baciba, because you need to complete the electrical design and component selection first, then carry out the structural design and appearance design, and the product design will not be completed more than 3 months. Are you used to such efficiency? Do you like it?


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