With the deepening of network information construction, the popularity of broadband Internet is higher and higher, and people have higher and higher requirements for broadband Internet equipment access services. How to improve the efficiency of our broadband equipment installation, reduce the response time of customers’ broadband demand, comprehensively improve our service quality and make effective use of our network transmission resources are the key problems to be solved in the current system.

Establish a network transmission resource management system to improve the installation efficiency of broadband equipment, reduce the response time of customer demand and make effective use of network transmission resources by collecting, real-time updating and scientific management of the use status of office equipment ports.

1. System characteristics

The accuracy and real-time performance of office port usage data are improved.

It is more efficient and convenient for employees to query the usage of office ports.

The office end patrol management mechanism standardizes the management of office end equipment.

2. Hardware composition architecture

How to implement network resource RFID application system

3. System hierarchy

How to implement network resource RFID application system

4. Generate benefits

1. Through the understanding of the status of the office port, the response time for most users to install broadband is reduced, and the service quality and company image are improved.

2. It improves the work efficiency of employees in collecting and querying office port information.

3. Standardize the management of office equipment, make effective use of network transmission resources, improve the utilization rate of office equipment and reduce the investment of office equipment.

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