With the growing maturity of core technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and 5g, on the other hand, the state continues to give strong support to relevant policies. At present, intelligent driving is ushering in a stage of rapid development. According to relevant forecast data, the market scale of China’s intelligent driving industry will exceed 170 billion yuan in 2020 and 238.1 billion yuan in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 20.62%.

In the face of such a broad market space, in the past two years, major automobile enterprises have strengthened their layout in this field. On the one hand, they have carried out independent research and development, on the other hand, they have actively joined hands with industry partners to tackle core technology problems. For example, in the third quarter, a number of auto companies, including GAC, FAW, great wall, SAIC, etc., welcomed new partners in the field of intelligent driving. From the perspective of cooperation direction, automatic driving and “software defined vehicle (SDV)” were the most popular.

Autopilot is still the focus of layout, focusing on “core”

As one of the most popular investment fields in the automobile industry, automatic driving has entered the critical stage of large-scale mass production after nearly a decade of development. Looking at the market, at present, L1 and L2 automatic driving for ADAS applications have been widely used in new cars, the carrying rate has increased rapidly, and L3 automatic driving has also opened the curtain of mass production, and gradually entered commercialization this year. Next, how to further accelerate the industrialization process of automatic driving, especially the mass production application of high-level automatic driving, is an urgent problem to be solved in the whole automobile industry. For this reason, in the past few years, many car companies have built a “circle of friends” around automatic driving. On the one hand, they make up for their own technical shortcomings, and on the other hand, they share high R & D costs.

For example, GAC has established cooperative relations with Huawei and horizon successively in September. The cooperation with horizon focuses on advanced auxiliary driving, high-level automatic driving and intelligent cockpit perception. With the release of this cooperation, GAC has also jointly released GAC’s version of journey 3 chip with horizon. Journey 3 chip is horizon, the latest generation of high-performance vehicle AI chip. Based on horizon’s self-developed bpu2.0 architecture, it supports a variety of application scenarios such as high-level assisted driving, intelligent cockpit, automatic parking assistance, high-level automatic driving and crowdsourcing high-precision map positioning. In addition, GAC version of journey 3 specially combines GAC’s mass production planning and differentiation requirements in terms of automobile intelligence, supporting GAC’s mass production models to realize the functions of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit.

How to further speed up the industrialization process of automatic driving?

FAW has also chosen horizon as an important partner in the field of intelligent driving. In July and August, FAW (Nanjing) science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Intelligent Network Development Institute of China First Automobile Co., Ltd. participated in cooperation with horizon to carry out in-depth cooperation and joint development around the direction of advanced assisted driving (ADAS) and high-level automatic driving, Assist the rapid mass production of related products.

In addition, in the third quarter, FAW also reached cooperation with Neusoft and heizhima intelligent technology to strengthen its technical strength in the field of intelligent driving. In the cooperation with heizhima intelligent technology, FAW mainly develops mass production intelligent driving domain controller based on its huashan-2 a1000 intelligent driving platform. As a black chip sesame intelligent technology independently developed vehicle gauge level intelligent sensor chip, Huashan two A1000 has built 8 CPU core, supporting the mainstream of the city’s automatic driving sensor access, including lidar, millimeter wave radar, 4K camera, GPS, etc., which can realize the multi-sensor fusion scheme of high level automatic driving system, and can satisfy vehicle road coordination, vehicle cloud collaboration. Requirements, to achieve “one core multi-purpose.”.

SAIC is also interested in horizon’s technical advantages in the field of automatic driving. On August 28, SAIC signed a contract with Beijing horizon information technology Co., Ltd. and officially launched the “SAIC horizon artificial intelligence Joint Laboratory” to jointly research and develop future oriented artificial intelligence technology and create intelligent internet terminal applications with SAIC brand characteristics. With the achievement of the above cooperation, it is reported that horizon has initially built an intelligent car core ecology covering intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, which can be described as a new cutting-edge force in the field of automatic driving in China.

Horizon is fierce. Mobileye and NVIDIA, the veteran players in the field of car chips and horizon’s main competitors, are not outdone and are stepping up their efforts in the field of automatic driving. On September 24, Geely and Mobileye announced a heavyweight ADAS agreement. According to this long-term agreement, a number of sub brand products of Geely Automobile Group will be equipped with ADAS functions supported by Mobileye in the future, including emergency automatic brake AEB, lane keeping system LKA, etc. Moreover, as the heavyweight of Mobileye’s automatic driving plan, mobileyesupervision ™ It will also be applied to link copilot automatic driving assistance system to provide 360 degree surround vision technology for related vehicles, and support different automatic driving scenarios, including Expressway driving based on navigation system, automatic driving applications between expressways and in urban trunk roads and suburban areas.

The ideal car is aimed at NVIDIA. On September 22, ideal automobile signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with NVIDIA and Desai Xiwei. According to the agreement, ideal automobile will take the lead in using nvidiaorin system level chip on the full-scale add program intelligent SUV launched in 2022. Meanwhile, with the help of Desai Xiwei’s advanced automatic driving domain controller system, ideal automobile will realize the full functional coverage from auxiliary driving to automatic driving on the next generation models. It is worth mentioning that the ideal driving vehicle currently used by the autopilot chip comes from Mobileye, which is switched to the best computing power in Ying Weida Orin system chip, or that the ideal car’s automatic driving system will usher in a revolutionary upgrade.

“Software defined automobile” has become a new trend, and automobile enterprises are speeding up to seize the market

With the rapid development of “four modernizations” of automobile, the importance of software in automobile is becoming more and more important, and constantly strengthening the technical strength of software has become the focus of many automobile enterprises in recent two years. However, software is not the strength of traditional automobile enterprises. Therefore, in addition to independent research and development, some enterprises are also building a “circle of friends” around the trend of “software defined automobile”.

For example, the cooperation between GAC and Huawei is mainly to cope with this development trend. It is understood that this cooperation focuses on computing and communication architecture, aiming at creating a digital platform with sustainable iterative upgrading, truly realizing “software defined car” and continuously improving better experience for users. As we all know, Huawei, as the world’s leading provider of ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and intelligent terminal, has rich accumulation in the field of ICT hardware and software, including AI chips, computing platforms, cloud services, on-board mobile communications, etc., which are important technical support for the realization of the next generation of continuously upgraded intelligent vehicles. By joining hands with GAC, it will undoubtedly greatly enhance the winning chance of head players in the era of “software defined car”.

The same is true of the cooperation between FAW and Neusoft, Neusoft Ruichi and horizon. Among them, in the cooperation with Neusoft and Neusoft Ruichi, the three enterprises mainly work together to build a future vehicle computing platform based on SOA architecture, conduct joint research in the application field of forward-looking technologies and methods, build mature and competitive technologies, methods and tools, cultivate excellent software talents, and explore the cooperation of “software defined automobile” under the new automotive industry pattern Make a new model.

As the first listed software company in China, Neusoft has nearly 30 years of R & D experience in the field of automotive electronics. Its on-board infotainment system is applied to 85% of the top 30 automotive brands in the world. As an innovative enterprise focusing on the future automotive technology under neusar, neusar also has mature solutions in the automotive software field. Neusar, the basic software development platform for the next generation of vehicles, is compatible with European AUTOSAR standards, and can support the application development of automatic driving, Internet of vehicles, new energy vehicles and other fields. It is understood that in addition to FAW, at present, Neusoft Ruichi has also reached cooperation with Honda China and GAC Research Institute in the software field to help relevant vehicle enterprises carry out software transformation.

Although the cooperation with horizon aims at intelligent driving, it is also based on “software defined car”. As Li Dan, President of FAW Intelligent Network Development Institute, said, “the key to software defined car” is chip. Because only with a powerful computing platform, can we provide enough space for the software, continuously upgrade the driving function, create a complete software evolution closed loop, and finally achieve the goal of automatic driving. At present, horizon’s AI chip can fully meet the above R & D needs of vehicle enterprises to a certain extent. For example, its journey II chip can fully meet the needs of intelligent driving scenes such as automatic driving visual perception, visual mapping and positioning, visual ADAS and intelligent cockpit, enabling vehicle enterprises to carry out automatic driving R & D.

In addition, the cooperation between SAIC zero beam and China kechuangda also focuses on the research and development of the core technology of intelligent networked vehicle software, so as to promote the development of intelligent networked vehicle. Specifically, in this cooperation, the two sides will jointly build a complete software operating system platform of car cloud integrated intelligent networked automobile, build a “software defined automobile” oriented development process, tools and quality system, form a UI / UE design ability and assets with SAIC brand recognition, meet the personalized and intelligent experience, and establish an application platform with SAIC brand Using and developing ecological support platform, focusing on scene, software and data, SAIC Group will continue to strengthen its overall competitiveness.

In the face of the trend of “software defined automobile”, in May this year, SAIC Group officially registered and established SAIC zero beam software branch, focusing on intelligent driving system engineering, software architecture, basic software platform and data factory, including SOA software platform, new generation central centralized electronic architecture, cloud service platform, computing chip, automobile big data platform, edge artificial intelligence application Intelligent cockpit system, data and network security, etc., to develop the core capabilities of software development, in order to seize the commanding height of a new round of automotive industry reform. It is reported that at present, SAIC zerobeam is recruiting talents on a large scale to strengthen its software capabilities and better promote SAIC’s transformation to a software driven enterprise.

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