Recently, the cryptocurrency market, led by bitcoin, is full of bloodbath everywhere. However, people’s enthusiasm for digital currency is not weakening at all. The main reason why people pay so much attention to it is that they have fantasies about creating wealth myth. Surprisingly, many of the speculators who followed suit didn’t even know what digital currency was, but because of greed, they resolutely threw themselves into the currency circle.

What really drives digital currency is still the power of underlying blockchain technology, so when we look at digital currency from the perspective of blockchain, we can get a more rational and objective cognition.

After experiencing the barbaric growth stage of purely playing the main concept card in the early stage, the world’s view of blockchain is also entering a new stage – from initially regarding digital currency as the only and ultimate goal to now regarding the empowerment of all walks of life as a new direction, and blockchain is completing the transformation from “virtual” to “real”. When it really returns from exaggeration to reality, it will be transformed It has entered a new stage of development.

At present, most people just regard blockchain as a new technology similar to big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and enabling is still the main way out for technology application. Under such a background, “block chain +” begins copying the “Internet plus” mode.

When the capital market has a “Internet plus” business model fever, Internet users, represented by electricity providers and shared economies, have encountered development difficulties. Although a variety of new concepts are gradually emerging, but in the case of new technology is not mature enough, it is extremely unrealistic to try to make up for the development gap through the concept.

How to extend blockchain to blockchain+

The basic mode of blockchain and Internet is the same, but the direction is opposite. Therefore, it is possible to reverse copy what has been done in the Internet era to the blockchain. It is through this method that blockchain applications penetrate into different industries, trying to open a new era represented by “blockchain +”.

In the specific operation: the Internet is to go to the middle of the central matching route. In short, the internet acts as the link hub between the b-end and the C-end, abandons all the intermediate processes, and quickly completes the demand matching through centralized coordination. However, by activating the internal elements of the industry, blockchain has replaced the development mode that originally relied on the platform as the main driving force with the development mode that took the individual as the main driving force, and activated those users who gradually died down in the Internet era through their own way.

Because blockchain was born in bitcoin, people are always wary of the development of the industry. However, with the gradual completion of blockchain technology, especially the active participation of the mainstream market in digital currency, blockchain is getting rid of the image of being too high and too few to reach the general public. When the blockchain players represented by head technology company deliver a new era of development represented by “blockchain +”, they will really apply blockchain as a technology to more fields, so as to create a new way of development.

Although people’s understanding of blockchain technology began to become rational and objective, but in the absence of mature and perfect technology at this stage, the road of development is still long. Only when the blockchain technology is applied to enough industries can the era of “blockchain +” really come. As for now, the blockchain industry can only be regarded as the rising stage after the capital cold winter, rather than the mature stage.

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