Fabian Friedrich is a serial entrepreneur and visionary. He is the CEO of blockchain, one of the largest blockchain conferences in Europe. He introduced to us why it is necessary to establish good communication with the community for large or other small blockchain projects such as Libra or ton, and how to establish the right way of communication with their own community in the current complex blockchain world. The following is to enjoy.

In Facebook’s recently announced 2030 strategy, CEO Mark Zuckerberg raised some doubts and criticisms about its Libra project because the company has been strongly criticized for its potential global influence.

Indeed, Libra is unique, and it has attracted international reviews even before its release. Indeed, regulators and central banks have complex relationships with bitcoin and blockchain. Regulators in some countries are increasingly skeptical about pushing for a legislative framework for cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, central banks such as the European Central Bank have been exploring DLT as the basis of digital euro currency.

But on the other hand, some private sectors have widely adopted blockchain technology. For example, Wal Mart, the retail giant, has been implementing blockchain as a solution for its supply management ecosystem.

How to establish a correct way of communication in the blockchain world

It is a very important basic condition to closely link blockchain projects with community construction from the beginning. This is also one of the main pillars of the project vision, as factors such as scalability and widespread adoption play an important role in the industry.

Durov’s Telegraph open network (ton) is one of the successful examples of this method. The project puts forward a mainstream adoption vision, the key point of which is to let users actively participate in community construction.

Unfortunately, this great idea can only come to an end. Creating and maintaining an inclusive and open community requires a well thought out communication strategy.

1. Why is it important to communicate with the community?

The vision of a project requires a strategy with clear objectives, and as the project grows, it requires multiple approaches. In the beginning, the project may pay more attention to the opinions of its community members, as feedback is crucial to the early survival and potential attractiveness of the project in the future.

Therefore, once the strategy is developed and implemented, the project must be carried out as long as possible, because it shows people’s firm commitment to the project vision.

I think one of the main reasons for the failure of thousands of blockchain projects in the past few years is the inability to build rapport with the project audience in terms of agenda updates, roadmaps and community concerns. In addition, communication may be the most important when meeting the needs and expectations of the community.

This seems to be a fairly direct observation. However, this wrong way of communication is not conducive to the external image of the blockchain industry, because potential adopters think that the industry is a place full of irregularities and Paradoxes – to a large extent, outsiders cannot understand it.

In turn, communication strategies are complemented by social media tools that are readily available and can be set and managed with little effort. For example, chat rooms, twitter pages, instagram accounts and Facebook communities, successful projects tend to take advantage of each platform, because different social platforms allow you to reach a variety of audiences.

2. How to establish correct communication with the community?

In some cases, community communication needs to be used to be an outstanding example and lead your team to implement communication strategies.

For example, mmcrypto demonstrates how blockchain projects can communicate directly with their communities and how they can provide available social media options for audiences in different languages. The company hosts a series of content on the subject of cryptocurrency trading on its YouTube channel, manages active German and English chat groups, and regularly updates its social media accounts.

In addition, its co-founder, Christopher jaszczynski, is often the protagonist, keynote speaker and expert of various top industry conferences. These initiatives allow mmcrypto to achieve sustained scalability, content evaluation, and community growth.

Putting vision, strategy and tools together has been a difficult task, which requires great efforts, persistence and determination of the project team. To achieve this goal is only the beginning, because global context, discourse and narrative are changing over time. Therefore, the communication strategy of a project must also be reviewed regularly to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

The ultimate goal of the project leader and his team should be to find a balance between flexibility and persistence in the unique approach to community interaction, because there is no easy recipe for success other than execution and increasing value.

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