Researchers at McMaster University in Canada are working to make the high-risk environment for firefighters, steelworkers, miners and others safer.

According to ScienceDaily, a team at the University, working with researchers at other universities, has developed a motion driven fire sensor that tracks workers’ activities, which are often invisible at work.

How to ensure the safety of workers with fire sensors

The low-cost sensor, which is the size of a button battery, can be placed under the boot bottom, under the outer arm or anywhere it can capture predictable activity, while the sensor operates on the electrical energy generated by friction.

Use cases for this sensor include tracking the movement and location of people in a fire building, mine or other hazardous environment, and alerting external people when the movement stops.

A new type of carbon aerogel nanocomposite is the key component of the sensor, because it has the function of fire protection and self power supply.

“If someone is unconscious and you can’t find them, this product is very useful. In addition, because it’s self powered, you don’t need to do anything, it can get energy from the environment. “

A recent paper published in the Journal nanoenergy details the technology developed by the team, which is from McMaster University, UCLA and the Prague University of chemistry and technology.

The fire protection features of these self powered sensors are an innovation that will not damage at high temperatures. In addition, most batteries cannot withstand extreme high temperatures, which requires a self powered sensor.

According to Science Daily, the goal is to work with business partners to bring sensors to market.

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