In recent years, there have been frequent occurrences of electricity shortages in many countries. In the summer of 2022, the power load of many provinces in my country has repeatedly hit new highs. Affected by high temperature and drought, the power gap is highlighted, threatening the security and stability of the power system.

According to the forecast of the China Electricity Council, in addition to Sichuan and Chongqing this year, Guizhou/Hunan/Jiangxi/Anhui and other places will also have power shortages, and Henan/Hubei will be under greater pressure next year.

Power System and Smart Grid

The power system consists of power generation, substation, transmission, distribution and consumption. As the logistics link of electric power, the power grid not only has a huge volume, but also determines the commodity quality of electric energy. It is one of the most complex system projects in modern civilization. Smart grid is a 2.0 upgraded version of traditional grid. my country’s smart grid is based on the strong grid with the UHV grid as the backbone grid and the coordinated development of the grids of various voltage levels. and the formation of a new grid.

The time synchronization system is an important part of the smart grid, which can effectively solve the problem in the power system that “all equipment clocks and data time scales must be in unison, and all data collected by each equipment at the same time must be transmitted with the same time stamp”. Two key requirements.

Time Synchronization In-Site Application

The use of GPS/Beidou satellite synchronous clock technology in the power system can effectively reduce the workload of maintenance and operation personnel, so that the operating equipment inside the substation can obtain a unified and standard time reference, which is convenient for equipment operation and improves the power system. level of automation.

Requirements for time synchronization in power system

The frequency synchronization system (power synchronization network) is the basic support network for the normal operation of the power grid. It is used to provide a precise and unified synchronization reference for the entire power communication network and power grid business, and is an important means to ensure the normal operation of various power grid services.

Frequency Synchronization In-Site Application

At present, the types of power system transmission equipment are mainly divided into two types: SDH and OTN. SDH is a synchronous system and requires clock synchronization to align SDH frames. If the clocks are not synchronized and the clock accuracy is degraded, pointer adjustment will occur in services, the network may generate alarms of crystal oscillator aging or clock reference source frequency out-of-bounds, phase-locked loops will lose lock, and services will generate bit errors, resulting in service quality damage or service interruption, etc. Serious consequences.

Frequency Synchronization System Architecture

Under the guidance of the “Dual Carbon Goals”, my country has clearly put forward the construction goals of pumped storage (62GW in 2025) and new energy storage (30GW in 2025). The improvement of the prediction ability and the response ability of the virtual power plant on the power side.

Seth time-frequency products and solutions enable precise operation of smart grid

Combined with the analysis of power synchronization requirements and the necessity of synchronization network optimization, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid, precise and stable frequency synchronization and time synchronization are required. In order to further ensure the safety and stability of the power system, it is necessary to consider the construction of a synchronous network that integrates “frequency and time”. , to build a realistic target network architecture of synchronous network based on time-frequency fusion.

1. Time-frequency synchronization network architecture

In accordance with the layout principles of safety, reliability, balanced distribution, and interconnection and sharing, the design adopts a three-level multi-point structure layout. Construction of timing nodes in the headquarters, traceable to the atomic clock group of the China Electric Power Research Institute, and configuration of cesium atomic clocks as the local clock source to form the first-level nodes of the time-frequency network to provide high-precision reference time maintenance and distribution; Construction of two main and standby sets in the provincial power company The frequency synchronization device (usually in the provincial and standby) is equipped with a common view unit as the second-level node of the time-frequency network; the third-level node of the time-frequency network is constructed in the prefecture-level company, the ground-based enhancement station, and the communication room of some substations.

Time-frequency synchronization network architecture diagram

Seth’s time-frequency synchronization network solution in the power system has been successfully applied to Henan Electric Power Company. In the plan, two sets of frequency synchronization devices, active and standby, are constructed as secondary nodes of the time-frequency network. The second-level nodes are deployed in the communication room, which can not only trace the source to the first-level nodes through the common-view link, but also obtain frequency traceability through the national network backbone frequency synchronization network, and can also provide common-view traceability for the third-level nodes in the province. At the same time, a set of timing service platform software is deployed in the province, and the user’s time deviation can be checked through the time-frequency monitoring software, thereby realizing precise timing services.

Time-frequency synchronization network case architecture diagram

2. Seth’s main products used in power systems

1. Time synchronization device – TS3000 series

TS3000 series products are timing devices specially used in time synchronization system. It is mainly used in the direction of power integrated automation, providing various types of time synchronization interfaces for a wide range of power plants, substations, and dispatching agencies.

TS3000 series product introduction

2. Time-frequency fusion platform-SM2000

SM2000 is a carrier-grade high-precision network synchronization device that supports IEEE1588. The product has passed the inspection and certification of Tell Labs, and has obtained the network access license for level 1, 2, and 3 node clock equipment issued by the Ministry of G Information, and can provide ITU-T compliance. The reference clock source of G.811 and G.812 standards. In addition to providing traditional 2Mbit/2MHz frequency synchronization signal, SM2000 can also provide time output such as PPS+TOD, NTP, PTP, etc. It is a time-frequency integrated synchronization device.

SM2000 Product Introduction

Seth achieves full coverage of depth and breadth in the power system

1. Power generation link: Seth synchronous clock has been widely used in different types of power plants such as thermal power, wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, etc., and the five major domestic power generation groups (Huaneng Group, China Power Investment Group, Datang Group, Guodian Group, Huadian Group) have cooperation.

2. Substation link: Seth power synchronization device can effectively meet the relevant technical standards of State Grid Corporation, and has made significant breakthroughs in the substation side market in the past two years. It has successively won the bids for heavyweight projects such as State Grid Liaoning Electric Power’s third material procurement in 21 years, Longyuan Power Zhongneng Company’s 22-year time-synchronized server centralized procurement, and X Group’s 22-23-year synchronous clock centralized procurement.

3. Transmission and distribution links: Seth has provided accurate and stable time synchronization services for power supply units such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Kunming G Power Bureau to ensure the stable operation of their power dispatching and operation systems.

Fourth, the field of power communication: The power communication system is an important guarantee for the safe production and operation of the power system, and an important information technology support for the smart grid. Seth provides network synchronization equipment for State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and more than 70% of provincial backbone networks, and is a core supplier in the domestic power communication synchronization network field.

With strong time-frequency technical strength, Seth has achieved deep coverage in the power field with the purpose of fully satisfying the safety and reliability of power system operation. In other fields such as 5G communication, rail transit, smart city, metaverse, autonomous driving, digital twin and other fields, Seth also acts as a core supplier to empower the development of the industry and a strong foundation for precise operation. In the future, Seth’s time-frequency synchronization products will be implemented in more sub-sectors of the digital society, reducing delays for the industry, ensuring communication transmission, and helping more industries to create a more accurate world.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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