Refrigerator is one of the necessary household appliances. In the home appliance market, refrigerator vendors have done enough publicity campaigns such as “energy saving and preservation”. However, after consumers buy refrigerators home, they often feel that energy-saving refrigerators have not actually saved much electricity for themselves.

Recently, Ms. Wu, a member of the public, called to say that her energy-saving refrigerator had been bought for more than a year, and the electricity consumption was even more than that of a friend’s ordinary refrigerator. What’s the matter? Is the refrigerator broken?

How can als4519919717385216 effectively reduce the power consumption of refrigerator

Jinling Evening News service network experts door-to-door inspection found that the refrigerator is normal, but Ms. Wu in the use of the refrigerator there are many improper. Refrigerator maintenance experts remind “whether it is energy-saving refrigerator or not, only in the case of reasonable use, can effectively reduce power consumption.”

First of all, the refrigerator should be placed properly, not next to some household appliances with large calorific value, but in a cool and well ventilated place. There should be some space on the top and around the refrigerator to help heat dissipation.

When opening the refrigerator door to pick up things, the opening angle of the refrigerator door should be as small as possible. The food in the refrigerator should be adequate. Too much food will affect the convection of the air in the box, make it difficult for the food to dissipate heat, and extend the working time of the compressor. But the food should not be too little, because when the food is too little, the compressor will start refrigeration frequently due to the small heat capacity in the box and the rapid temperature rise after shutdown. Ice and cold drinks should be made at night. Because of the low temperature at night, it is conducive to heat dissipation. It’s best to clean the refrigerator regularly. Frequent defrosting and removing the dust on the surface of the condenser and the box can make the evaporator and condenser of the refrigerator keep a good state of heat absorption and heat dissipation, and shorten the running time of the compressor.

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