With the popularity of smart devices, smart cameras have also become a must-have smart home device for various manufacturers. eWiseTech has also dismantled a number of models, and today we are dismantling a smart camera – Huawei Smart Selection Puque Smart Camera Pro.

Disassembly steps

Tear off the bottom information label, you can see the screws on the bottom case, unscrew the screws and open the bottom case.

After opening the bottom case, you can see that there is a power cable connected to the USB small board. The small board is fixed with two screws, and the bottom case can be separated by removing the USB board. A black tape is attached to the power cord interface.

Turning over the camera body, you can see that the bearing of this camera is directly fixed on the inner support. There is a black limit switch below for the camera movement angle limit.

Fix the inner support and the outer shell with screws, unscrew the screws, and remove the inner support. There is an FPC cable between the top of the inner support and the camera, disconnect the ZIF interface, and remove the inner support module.

Except for the disconnected camera cable. There are also four interfaces on the board, which are connected to limit switches, motors, USB small boards and speakers. Disconnect the interface, unscrew the screws, and separate the inner support modules.

Unscrew the fixing screws of the camera spherical part and the housing, and remove the housing. There is a piece of black foam glue above the keys inside the case.

The two sides of the camera sphere are fixed with two screws respectively. After unscrewing the screws, use a crowbar to pry off the buckle and open the sphere.

Half of the sphere holds the motherboard and camera, and half holds the motor. Disconnect the motor interface and separate the casings on both sides.

The motor is fixed by two screws, and the motor can be removed by unscrewing the screws.

Unscrew the screws on the motherboard and remove the motherboard. On the side of the motherboard close to the motor, you can see two limit switches with vertical rotation angles.

A set of screws for the lens and the motherboard are shared, so after the motherboard is removed, the lens part of the camera can be removed directly. The back of the motherboard can see the CMOS of the camera, and there is a transparent double-sided tape around it, which should be used to fix the lens to prevent into ashes.

On the back of the mainboard, there is a set of cables connecting with the lens module, which is the motor assembly used inside the lens. For switching the IR filter.

There is also an infrared light board and a microphone in the shell. The microphone is fixed in the module with white glue, and the infrared light board is fixed with screws. The lens port uses a silicone protective ring to protect the lens.

In addition to the six infrared lamp beads on the infrared lamp board, there is also a light sensor.

detail highlights

In the hemisphere on one side of the motherboard, we can see the metal antenna, which is directly soldered to the motherboard.

There are two motors in the entire smart camera, both from Shenzhen Hongzhifa Electromechanical Co., Ltd. There are black plastic parts on the motor shaft inside the sphere for vertical rotation.

motherboard ic information

Main IC on the front of the motherboard (below):

1: FORESEE – 32GB Flash

2: TI-8 channel Darlington array

3: Hisilicon-Hi3881V100-WiFi chip

Main IC on the back of the motherboard (below):

1:Hisilicon-Camera SOC

2: ANAPEX – filter driver chip

3: LowPower Semiconductor – Audio Amplifier

summary information

The overall disassembly of the Puque Smart Camera Pro is relatively simple. In principle, the smart camera uses two motors, as does the Puffin. The two motors control the rotation of the X-axis and the Y-axis respectively. And the X axis uses an independent limit switch. The Y-axis limit switch is installed on the motherboard.

Compared with other similar products, the puffin only uses a bearing structure directly fixed on the inner support, and does not use gear devices, which saves a lot of space.

The Puque uses two HiSilicon chips, one is an SOC with integrated WiFi. One is Camera SOC. The 32G memory chips used are also domestic chips. (Editor: Judy)

eWiseTechThe dismantled smart home can be found in the eWisetech search library!

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