Foreword: This article is a novice entry to avoid pit text, mainly for you to solve the following two questions: “whether to choose the best earphone with the mobile phone” and “start with whether the earphone of different brands will be incompatible with the mobile phone”. This article is not long, want to learn knowledge of friends must read, do not take out of context.

How to determine whether the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset are incompatible?

About whether the earphone and the same brand mobile phone are compatible with each other

The compatibility problem between headset and mobile phone mainly occurs in Bluetooth version and transmission codec, so this problem mainly refers to wireless headset. There will be no incompatibility between wired headphones and mobile phones, but most of the integrated circuit direct push wired headphones do not perform well.

Bluetooth version problem: the mainstream mobile phones and headsets carry Bluetooth versions of 4.2 and 5.0. The higher the version, the better. The Bluetooth version of the headset is different from that of the mobile phone, but the protocol used in the connection is backward compatible. For example, if your headset and mobile phone are Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5.0 respectively, the Bluetooth 5.0 device will automatically change to the next lower gear Bluetooth 4.2 when connecting. Bluetooth 5.0 optimizes the connection delay and stability compared with the 4. X version of Bluetooth protocol. Therefore, if your mobile phone supports Bluetooth 5.0 or above, it is better to choose a headset that supports Bluetooth version 5.0.

Transmission coding and decoding problems: the common high-definition Bluetooth encoding formats are as follows: AAC, apt x, LDAC, lhdc. Many people will choose products that support the above “lossless Bluetooth protocol” when they buy headphones, but they find that the sound quality is not improved as expected. In fact, the encoding and decoding of Bluetooth transmission is similar to that of Bluetooth version. When the encoding format supported by the mobile phone is different from that of the headset, its connection will jump to the encoding and decoding format SBC, which has a large loss of sound quality. Generally, apple mobile phones only support AAC, Android 8.0 and above mobile phones support LDAC, and mobile phones using Qualcomm solution generally support apt x (specific also related to the mobile phone model. Before purchasing a headset that supports lossless Bluetooth decoding, users must confirm the mobile phone support.)

To sum up, the compatibility of headset and mobile phone has nothing to do with the brand. However, in addition to Bluetooth version and transmission encoding and decoding, many mobile phone manufacturers have added some non universal new features to their products, such as Apple’s H1 chip of airpods, and Huawei’s freebuds3’s Kirin A1 chip, which can be combined with their own mobile phones to realize voice wake-up, bone voiceprint recognition and other unique functions. If users don’t pay attention to these features, there is no difference in compatibility between different brands of headphones.

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