In the era of industry 4.0, the production of parts for the market tends to be more and more precise, while the labor cost is increasing, the labor efficiency and stability are not high, and the rate of false detection and missing detection is high.

In the current market, the detection method based on machine vision is introduced. The detection principle is to take pictures by CCD camera and analyze the images by software. This method is efficient, high-speed and non-contact detection.

For example, the quality requirements of screws and nuts are extremely strict, and the use of screws and nuts is generally large, generally mass production. At this time, the appearance inspection can not be handled by manual work, so the optical image inspection equipment can only be used for quality inspection.

The implementation process is as follows:

1. Acquisition image preprocessing, contour matching position correction, thread detection data judgment and numerical display. As shown in the figure below, using our self-developed software, we can easily detect that the number of turns of the screw is 5.

Conclusion: in visual inspection, the processing process generally includes image input, image positioning, detection tools, output results. In this case, the image positioning tool is contour matching and position correction, the detection tool is thread detection, and the result is the number of turns of the thread.

In the process of application, it is necessary to flexibly use the collocation of various tools in order to achieve integration and mastery, practice makes perfect.

Features of screw and nut appearance inspection equipment:

1. The detection efficiency can reach 300-1200 cells / min

2. The highest detection accuracy is ± 0.02mm

3. The detection accuracy can reach 99.9%

4. Automatic loading and unloading without manual operation.

Appearance testing equipment is a special equipment for testing the appearance of products. For example, product appearance size, defects, defects, scratches, burrs, stains, deformation and so on.

Today’s industrial production and manufacturing, due to the limitations of science and technology, still mainly uses the artificial detection method to detect the surface defects of products. Because of the artificial limitations and backward technology, this method not only detects the products slowly and inefficiently, but also makes mistakes in the detection process, which leads to the unqualified detection results.

With the development of computer technology; There is a surface defect detection technology based on machine vision technology. The appearance of this technology greatly improves the efficiency of production operation, avoids the influence of operation conditions and subjective judgment on the accuracy of the test results, and realizes the better and more accurate surface defect detection and faster identification of product surface defects.

The application of machine vision technology is more to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Therefore, some artificial links in industrial production and management are gradually replaced by robots.

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