It is everyone’s dream to have a comfortable and functional villa. But how to design the villa decoration? Especially for villas with large area and complete facilities, how to design the smart home scheme?

How to design villa smart home

How to design villa smart home

First of all, as a house type, villa smart home solutions must not be too narrow. Although smart home is the mainstream and trend of modern home decoration design, as a large area and high-end community, the design scheme should not only reflect the grade and taste, but also pay attention to the intelligent and functional consideration of residence, which needs to consider the design of smart home scheme. So, what are the specific aspects of a successful smart home system? Let’s learn about it through some successful cases.

As a villa smart home solution, the first thing we need to include is the control of home appliances and circuits, which is the most basic and key link. If the circuit is not properly controlled, many basic life functions will be affected in daily life, no matter how complete the supporting home can not be used at the same time. In addition, the circuit design is not reasonable, will also produce safety hazards, serious will lead to fire and other accidents.

Secondly, the key links of villa smart home scheme include lighting control, curtain control, remote control related to indoor, outdoor and surrounding environment, alarm device and so on. Compared with ordinary home design, the biggest design highlight of this kind of smart home is to realize life and home automation through simple manipulation and control. The higher the degree of automation, the more attention we need to invest in the design, and the more comfortable we will be in the daily application.

In addition, when designing and using this kind of villa smart home scheme, we should pay special attention to the design of alarm system. Generally, the economic conditions of the owners who can live in the villa must be relatively good. Therefore, how to do a good job in security is also the first problem to be solved in the smart home scheme.

The concrete solution of villa intelligent design

First of all, according to the layout of the villa to do a preliminary design. The whole design is divided into four parts

1. Intelligent lighting system

2. Environmental control system

3. Security control system

4. Central dust collection system

For the above four parts of the system, a brief functional design description is given

1. Intelligent lighting system

1.1 dimming soft start function

When you turn on the light, the light turns on slowly. When you turn off the light, the light turns dark slowly, and then goes out. This romantic process not only protects your eyes from the stimulation of the sudden change of light, but also greatly extends the life of the lamp. The brightness of the light can be adjusted at will. Even if the brightness of the light is modulated to the firefly state, the light will not flicker. The soft start function of the light can remember the brightness level of the last light.

1.2 timing function

It can time the indoor and outdoor lighting system of villa. In the control mode for you to save energy, but also let you feel the humanization of home lighting system. If you go out for a long time, you can set the lights in your home to turn on and off automatically at night, which can play a warning role.

1.3 scene function

The changeable combination of various (Group) lights can create a harmonious atmosphere and romantic mood at different times. Through the wiring and setting of intelligent lighting system, different scene modes can be easily combined according to their own preferences. These scenes can be stored and opened with one click. The state and brightness of each lamp in different scenes can be set and memorized, and the complex lighting effect can be instantly presented with a single press. In the scene function, lighting can also be combined with other equipment (such as curtain, curtain, TV / audio, etc.) to form a complex scene. Such as reception, reading, listening to music, dinner mode, Cinema mode and so on.

1.4 multi mode control function

Through the intelligent lighting system, you can sit on the sofa or lie on the bed and use the remote control to control all the lights in your home, instead of walking upstairs and downstairs, east room and west room in order to turn off a certain light.

If you are sitting next to the computer, then you will more easily control all the electrical equipment at home, the control of lamps and lanterns in it.

If you don’t want to pick up the remote control or turn on the computer at the door where you are already going out, as long as you reach out, you can turn on the light through the intelligent weak current at the door and control all the lights in your home.

If you go out and forget to turn off the light, you can easily control the lighting system at home by dialing the familiar number at home. In addition, if long-distance travel is outside, you can also control the light in your home regularly by telephone, which has played a warning role.

2. Environmental control system

2.1 family background music system

Family background music system no matter whether you want to cook a good meal for your family and work in the kitchen, or you lie lazily on the sofa in the living room for a nap, or you are sitting in the study with a fashion manual, or you and your family enjoy a happy life in the garden lawn… Soft background music will always surround you, Let you and your family always live in the world of happy music.

2.2 curtain control system

In the early morning, you may no longer need the irritating alarm clock to wake you up, but the birdsong flowers and soft natural sunshine outside the window will wake you up naturally from your sleep. Curtain control system will always be the most appropriate to open the curtain, let the outdoor morning flowers float in, let you lazy bath sunshine.

With the lighting scene, the curtain automatically open and close, sometimes can also brew another romantic atmosphere. With the touch of remote control, it can provide the first layer of protection for your privacy.

2.3 air conditioning system

Driving home in hot summer, when you park in the garage, the ventilation system in the garage can remove the exhaust gas and the smell of gasoline through (remote) manual or automatic timing control. When the next morning, the automatic timing ventilation system will inject the smell of flowers in the outdoor morning air into the garage, so that when you enjoy the smell of dawn, you will not feel the unpleasant smell of car exhaust.

2.4 garden watering

Villa garden planting some plants and flowers, watering can also be intelligent management. Automatic watering system can be used for automatic watering and regular watering. When viewing on the balcony, you can use the remote control to start the electromagnetic valve for watering flowers. Standing on the balcony, you can control the sprinklers one by one in the garden. This kind of “parade” watering flowers is exactly the enjoyment of life brought by the intelligent control system. Even if you have a nanny at home, you can’t live without this kind of enjoyment.

3. Security control system

3.1 perimeter prevention

3.1.1 infrared radiation

In the villa around the installation of infrared radiation fence, in the fortified state, if there is any illegal entry, the alarm system will start. Advanced infrared radiation fence adopts humanized design, which can rotate the angle of transmitter and receiver at will. Perfect functions of anti dismantling, anti cutting, anti short circuit and anti pet greatly enhance the ability of anti false alarm. Even if people crawl through, over and over, the system will never fail to report. The infrared fence will guard the first post for your family safety.

3.1.2 video monitoring

A number of video monitoring points can be installed outside and inside the house, so that no matter where the owner is, all the situations in the house can be seen 24 hours a day through the convenient Internet. When you go out for a long time, it can keep you at home for 365 days × Record everything that happened within 24 hours, and you can play it back one by one when you get home. Even in the process of you going out, it can also send relevant captured images to your mailbox and mobile phone regularly and quantitatively. When there is an abnormal situation at home, the video monitoring system can also automatically call the police.

3.2 Indoor Security

3.2.1 fire prevention

Install smoke detector and gas detector in cloakroom, kitchen and dining room. When there is smoke and gas leakage, the system will ring the alarm immediately. When the waiting time is brought to your preset value, it will automatically dial the phone to alarm.

If the danger is due to gas leakage, if the gas supply system is installed with a gas manipulator, the gas valve can be automatically closed.

3.2.2 door / window breaking induction alarm

When the home security equipment is deployed, if the doors and windows are illegally damaged and intruded, the system will immediately ring the alarm. When the ring waiting time is brought to your preset value, it will automatically dial the phone to alarm.

3.2.3 mobile detection

When the mobile monitoring function is turned on, any moving object within the range of the mobile detector will be monitored. The mobile monitoring system has the function of pet and other small moving objects recognition, which can effectively prevent false alarm and omission. In case of emergency, the system will ring the alarm immediately. When the ring waiting time is brought to your preset value, it will automatically dial the phone to give an alarm.

4. Central dust collection system

The biggest difference between this system and the traditional household vacuum cleaner lies in its strong suction, no need to run around with the main machine, and no longer the trouble of noise; This system uses high-power host fixed in the basement or remote place, to avoid the noise of the host; The dust pipe is embedded in the wall, so as to effectively reduce the trouble caused by the work.

How to design villa smart home scheme? Through the joint efforts of various departments, in order to effectively improve the utility rate of the product, minimize the cost and maximize the function, from a practical point of view, many functions can be controlled as succinctly and effectively as possible. We let users only need to integrate the products in the system to achieve lighting control, electrical control, security alarm, background music Six functions of video sharing and weak current information.

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