How to delete computer virtual memory?

All the programs run in the computer need to be executed by memory. If the programs run in a large or large amount of memory, the memory will be exhausted. In order to solve this problem, virtual memory technology is used in windows, that is to spare part of the hard disk space to serve as memory.

Next, let’s take a look at the win7 system virtual memory deletion method.

1. First, click the start menu button and point the mouse at “computer”. Then click the right mouse button and select “properties” in the pop-up menu.

2. Then in the system information window, click “advanced system settings” on the left.

3. Next, in the system properties window, select the “advanced” tab and click the “Settings” button under performance.

4. In the performance properties window, select the Advanced tab, and then click the change button below.

5. Next, we can set the size of the virtual memory. First, remove the tick in front of “automatically manage all drive paging file sizes”.

6. First select the paging file to delete, then select the “no paging size” option below, and then click the “set” button on the right.

7. Next, the system will prompt us to click the “OK” button to continue.

8. After deleting the paging files (that is, virtual memory) of all drives, you will see that the paging files of all drives are “None”.

9. Then click the “OK” button to save our operation.

10. After deleting the virtual memory, we need to restart the system to take effect. After restarting the system, we can see the virtual memory of the system has been cleared.

matters needing attention

When our physical memory capacity is small, virtual memory can help to improve the running speed of the system. It is recommended to use less than 4G of physical memory, and do not delete the virtual memory of the system.

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