The “cloud summit of 2020 world Artificial Intelligence Conference” is about to begin. The summit was hosted by the Shanghai municipal government. The world AI conference has been successfully held twice since 2018. With the development of Shanghai AI industry from start to growth, it has become a brand activity with certain international influence in the industry. Under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, relevant commissions and bureaus and the district government, this conference will hold an industry forum of “smart era, ‘language’ you go together” with Daguan data, a leading enterprise in domestic text intelligent processing, and Pudong Youth Federation.

Under the epidemic, the demand for online automation and intelligence in all walks of life began to grow. Finance and taxation robot, bank credit approval robot, securities industry robot… The demand for automatic change of various posts has become urgent. How to deeply integrate artificial intelligence technology with text automation?

As an important application in the field of artificial intelligence, text automation will not only help various industries to achieve intelligent upgrading, but also change the workflow and mode of many posts. This industry forum focuses on the combination of semantic understanding and office robots, and invites domestic well-known experts, scholars, industry leading technology enterprises and leaders in traditional industries to jointly discuss the application and future development of intelligent office robots from the aspects of industry, University and research and national policies.

The cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference focuses on three highlights in the industry of “speaking with you” in the intelligent era:

1. Cognitive technology leads the development of intelligence

How to deeply integrate artificial intelligence technology with text automation?

As an important research direction in the field of cognitive intelligence, Wang haofen, a distinguished researcher of Tongji University, CCF YOCSEF Shanghai excellent AC and one of the initiators of openkg, the world’s largest Chinese open knowledge map alliance, will share the technological innovation and industry practice of knowledge map in the multimodal big data era with you in the cloud. In addition, academician Chu Junhao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will also talk with you about the history and future of the era of intelligence and the development of artificial intelligence in the cloud.

2. Current situation of the combination of office robot and intelligent technology

With the development of natural language processing (text processing, speech processing, machine translation, etc.) and intelligent robots (such as automated office robots, etc.), people from all walks of life pay attention to large-scale intelligent office robots, which enter more and more enterprises. How to help enterprises improve business processes and improve operation efficiency? At this forum, Dr. Chen Yunwen, founder of Daguan data, will share with you the application and development of intelligent text processing technology and future office robots. Shao Wenming, deputy general manager of iFLYTEK and director of science and innovation sector of Pudong Youth Federation, will also share cognitive technology breakthroughs and industry application practices of iFLYTEK.

3. Focus on industrial applications and gain insight into the future of the industry

As an industry closely integrated with artificial intelligence, in addition to the cutting-edge sharing of academic and technology enterprises, the forum also invited relevant principals of Ping An financial services and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to talk with you about the latest application scenarios and landing experience of financial technology in the cloud and gain insight into the future trend of artificial intelligence applications. The fourth industrial revolution marked by artificial intelligence technology is developing steadily, its depth and breadth are more than before, and the development of intelligence has entered a new round of revolution.

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