What are the debugging steps of frequency converter? This is what we are going to talk about in this issue

The first step of model confirmation: confirm whether the model of frequency converter is consistent with that of purchased inverter. If not, let the agent return the goods.

The second step of transportation confirmation: after opening the package, check whether the frequency converter is damaged during transportation. In case of damage, ask the agent to return the goods.

Step 3 voltage confirmation: the field power supply voltage should be within the voltage range accepted by the frequency converter. Otherwise, all steps below stop.

Step 4 Mechanical installation

The fifth step is insulation measurement of motor and frequency converter. Then connect the inverter: according to the drawing, connect the motor line to T1, T2, T3 to ensure that the connection is consistent with the voltage; after ensuring that the power is turned off, connect the main power supply to R, s, t; connect the control source; connect the speed given source. A connected network with a network.

Step 6 power on debugging

Language modification: the language selection will be displayed after power on. (only power on for the first time) (take Schneider as an example)

Step 7 restore factory settings

Step 8: modify the access level

Electrical maintenance personnel generally set this access level as expert authority.

Step 9: set motor parameters: power, voltage, current, frequency, speed, etc., and make self-tuning.

Step 10: set acceleration and deceleration time: set reasonable acceleration and deceleration time.

Step 11: set protection parameters, thermal protection current value of motor, current limit amplitude, etc.

Step 12: set the control source and frequency source: set the channel to start the frequency converter and the channel given the frequency in the 1.6 command. Set the highest frequency, the lowest frequency, etc.

Step 13: assign application functions with application functions. Such as brake logic control.

The fourteenth step is to determine the rotation direction of the motor. With a small frequency, jog the frequency converter to confirm the direction of the motor. If the opposite is true, the parameter phr in 1.4 can be modified.

Step 15: record the current values of several frequency bands.

Step 16: key parameter setting record

Step 17: I / O allocation table

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