Nowadays, with the improvement of 5g base station construction and network coverage, 5g commercial popularization is accelerating. According to the latest data, by 2020, the number of 5g terminal connections in China has exceeded 200 million, and the number of 5g users has reached more than 120 million. It can be said that 5g is increasingly integrating into people’s life.

However, under the background that operators continue to expand 5g publicity, launch 5g packages and require people to change, many users also express resistance and disgust. Because on the one hand, the current 5g development is only more than a year after all, far from 4G maturity, and many users do not want to change 5g; On the other hand, some practices of operators also damage the rights and interests of users.

For example, in reality, operators have secretly changed 5g packages for users, or constantly called to harass or even force the replacement of 5g networks, and secretly made speed limits and off shelf behaviors for 4G packages. The emergence of these chaos has exposed a major weakness in China’s 5g commercial development, that is, 5g services are immature.

Based on this, in order to improve 5g service quality and protect the rights and interests of users, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued the notice on improving 5g service quality. Six requirements are put forward to rectify and improve 5g services, deal with and deal with 5g chaos, and realistically help users get rid of many old hidden dangers and related concerns.

According to the contents of the notice, the following four chaos will be effectively controlled:

One is 5g false propaganda. In order to increase the number of 5g users, operators sometimes do everything they can. Sometimes they deliberately exaggerate 5g or hide 5g charges and package contents. However, the notice has stressed that it is necessary to objectively and truly publicize 5g business and charges, publicize the full amount of packages on sale, and not unilaterally exaggerate 5g advantages or preferential items, conceal or dilute restrictive conditions.

The second is 5g forced handling. In daily life, operators sometimes ask users to upgrade 5g package by phone, but the user quietly opened it after thinking about it, which was once impossible to prevent. However, the notice also emphasizes that the real wishes of users should be respected, 5g packages should not be misled, forced or upgraded, and 5g packages and upgrade packages should not be opened without the consent of users.

How to deal with 5g four chaos?

The third is the cancellation of 5g prohibition. Many people handle 5g packages and don’t want to use them, but the operators don’t replace them. In view of this, the notice points out that without an agreement, 5g package users shall not be restricted to other packages on sale. If 5g package users change packages according to an agreement, they can negotiate termination with users in accordance with the civil code.

The fourth is to formulate 5g package. When handling 5g package, you may also encounter 5g package, which is a no choice. You may even be given 5g package instead of 4G package. In this regard, the notice specially emphasizes that it is necessary to ensure that the online and offline channels of high, medium and low-grade 4G and 5g packages on sale carry sales, and the 4G package query and handling entrance shall not be set secretly.

In addition, in order to further enhance the user oriented awareness and concept of operators and ensure the quality and development of 5g service, the notice also sets requirements for the responsibilities, management and specific work contents of operators. In terms of responsibility and management, the notice points out that 5g service quality should be regarded as an important content of performance evaluation of front-line windows such as business halls and hotlines from the perspective of users’ interests.

In terms of specific work requirements, the notice proposes to improve four reminder mechanisms. Remind users to query 5g network coverage and progress in the region; To remind users to use 5g network, 5g terminal must be replaced; Remind users that after changing 5g package, they will no longer be able to choose to handle the original package; To remind users to terminate the contract, handle the transfer with number, change the package, etc. they need to fulfill the responsibility of termination.

In short, the new notice strictly regulates and manages operators and 5g services in all aspects. With the formal entry into force of the new notice, it is believed that China’s 5g popularization and commercial development will step into a new level.

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