What I want to share with you today is the information about how the inverter connects to the PLC. Next, I will introduce how to set the parameters of the inverter.

First: the direct control method is adopted, the PLC needs to control the intermediate relay, and the contact of the intermediate relay controls the start, stop, and speed control of the inverter.

Second: using the analog control method, the PLC needs to control an intermediate relay to control the start and stop of the inverter, and the frequency of the inverter is provided by the analog, which can be a potentiometer or a DA module, and a DA conversion module needs to be added to the PLC.

The third type: using communication control mode, this mode is divided into two cases, 1 is the inverter start and stop is controlled by the terminal, the frequency is controlled by communication, the link mode requires an intermediate relay and a 485 port communication line, 2 is the frequency conversion The start-stop and frequency control of the device are all communication control, so only one 485 communication line is needed.

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