We should all know the news of the update of airpods pro. After the quiet launch of this real wireless headset, Apple has finally got three real wireless headphones to choose from: airpods, airpods pro and powerbeats pro.

In this way, for many users (especially iPhone users), there are more products to choose from within the range of 1000-2000 yuan. So how to choose the most suitable product? Today’s geek’s choice will help you analyze.


Price: 1558 yuan (with wireless charging box), 1246 yuan (with charging box)

As one of the most common and most frequently used true wireless headphones in the street, airpods is easy to use. This headset uses Apple H1 chip and supports voice wake-up “Hey Siri”. Half in ear design does not support noise reduction. The single earplug weighs 4G, the wireless charging box weighs 40g, and the wired charging box weighs 38g. It’s very light for daily use, even you can’t feel its existence.

How to choose three apple wireless headphones

Airpods can listen to music for up to 5 hours with a single earplug. The charging box has a 24-hour battery life, supports fast charging, and can listen to music for 3 hours after charging for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it does not support waterproof, which will have a certain impact on people who love sports and sweat easily. The price of airpods with wireless charging box is 1558 yuan, while that of wired charging box is 1246 yuan.

The advantage of airpods is that it is light and comfortable, and it will not be uncomfortable for most users to wear it for a long time. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the effect of noise reduction, the sound is not ideal in noisy environment, and the earphone may fall off during strenuous exercise. Its price is also the lowest of the three products.

AirPods Pro

Price: 1999 yuan

Compared with the air pods, the in ear design of the air pods Pro has changed a lot, with a single earplug of 5.4G and a charging box of 45.6g. It is equipped with large, medium and small silicone earplugs of different sizes to meet the comfort requirements of different user groups. Compared with airpods, it is more secure to wear. The unique ventilation system can balance the pressure so that you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing for a long time. This in ear design also takes into account the passive noise reduction effect, and supports IPx4 level anti sweat and anti water.

The earphone is also equipped with H1 chip and new active noise reduction technology. It can continuously adjust the noise reduction system according to the geometric structure of the human ear and the fitting degree of the earplug. Under the dual noise reduction of the external microphone and the internal microphone, it can achieve the purpose of blocking the external noise.

Compared with airpods, airpods Pro adds a new touch operation interaction. By long pressing the force sensor on the earphone handle, you can quickly switch between noise reduction mode and ambient sound mode. You can also switch songs and pause songs by pressing the earphone handle with different gestures. Of course, you can also wake up directly with “Hey Siri”.

Airpods Pro single earplug can listen to music for up to 4.5 hours in noise reduction mode. It can listen to music for 1 hour after charging for 5 minutes. The charging box has a 24-hour battery life and supports wireless charging. This product has the advantages of active noise reduction, excellent endurance, and certain anti sweat and water resistance. However, compared with the half in ear design of airpods, whether it can be worn for a long time is a question, and the official price of 1999 yuan is more high-end.

Powerbeats Pro

Price: 1888 yuan

For many users, airpods and airpods Pro can meet most of the life scenes, but there are also some sports loving friends who require headphones to be “more resistant to construction”. At this time, the in ear headphones powerbeats pro with ear hanging mode can meet the needs.

The earphone supports four different sizes of earplugs and is water and sweat resistant. Passive noise isolation is provided by in ear design, but active noise reduction is not supported. The weight of a single headset of powerbeats Pro is up to 20.3 g. with a large charging box, it is not convenient to carry.

Powerbeats Pro also carries Apple H1 chip and supports “Hey Siri” wake-up. But on this basis, it also designs different entity keys, which is more convenient than voice wake-up Siri in the moving scene. In terms of battery life, the longest use time of a single earplug is up to 9 hours. It supports charging for 5 minutes and listening to music for 1.5 hours. The attached charging box can provide an additional 24 hours of battery life. For users who often use headphones outdoors, this kind of battery life is excellent.

At the price of 1888 yuan, powerbeats Pro provides stronger endurance, more stable wearing experience and more colors (black / White / Blue / green). However, the charging box is larger and the earphone is heavier, which should be paid attention to before purchasing.

Which one to buy depends on the demand

Airpods (second generation), airpods pro and powerbeats Pro are all new products this year, and they all use H1 chip, so they have little difference in daily connection, delay and so on. Friends who want to buy can make targeted decisions according to their respective characteristics. As a reference, the figure below summarizes the characteristics of the three products.

If you like sports, or often go outdoors, then air pods pro and powerbeats pro with certain anti sweat and anti water ability will be more suitable. If you want to have a longer endurance, choose powerbeats pro. If you want to be lighter and smaller, choose air pods pro.

However, if you have no special need for noise reduction, and you don’t like the in ear design of the airspods Pro that looks like “pea shooter”, then the price is relatively lower, and the airspods is more suitable. Its open design will be more comfortable when worn for a long time, and its good portability is also suitable for all kinds of daily scenes.

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