Temperature and humidity sensor can only be regarded as a small branch in the sensor category, but in the application field in recent years, the development trend has been greatly improved. The application function of temperature and humidity sensor is to pass the temperature and humidity in the air through a certain detection device. After detecting the temperature and humidity, it will be transformed into electrical signal or other forms of signal output according to a certain law to meet the needs of customers. Then, what key technical parameters should be paid attention to when selecting temperature and humidity sensors?

Temperature and humidity sensor

1、 Select measurement accuracy:

Accuracy is an important index in the selection index of temperature and humidity sensor. When the accuracy is increased to one percentage point, it is a new gear for temperature and humidity sensor, and even directly affects the value and quality of products. Because of the different precision, the cost will vary greatly in the manufacturing process, and the price will be different. Therefore, for the selection of temperature and humidity sensors, we generally recommend that the actual use prevail, and do not blindly pursue “high quality, high precision and top level”. It is worth noting that when selecting temperature and humidity sensors at different temperatures, the impact of temperature drift on the occasion needs to be considered.

2、 Considering time drift and temperature drift:

In practical use, due to the influence of some occasions, such as dust, oil and harmful gases. Once used for a long time, the temperature and humidity sensor will have a certain aging and decline in accuracy. The annual drift of the sensor will generally be about plus or minus 2%, or even higher. Therefore, when selling the product, the manufacturer of temperature and humidity sensor will generally remind that the product needs to be punctuated again after one to two years of use.

3、 Select measurement range:

The selection of temperature and humidity sensor is the same as the measurement weight and temperature. Before selection, first confirm the measurement range to facilitate the selection of subsequent parameters.

4、 Other precautions:

The temperature and humidity sensor is not a sealed product. In order to protect the accuracy and stability of various measurement parameters during the application of the product, titanium electronics generally reminds that it should be avoided to use in the environment containing acid, alkali, dust and organic solvents.


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