1. Look at the package

Very time LED spotlight to see the appearance of packaging. The state requires the manufacturers of LED lamps and lanterns to mark the following contents on the package: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. Generally speaking, the trademark printing quality of high-quality products is good, the logo is clear and distinguishable, and there are the manufacturer’s trademark, address, contact information, after-sales information and relevant certification marks.

2. See if the workmanship is fine

In addition to the main aspects mentioned above, a high-quality LED luminaire also has different technical requirements according to different use environment, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, antimagnetic, lightning protection, etc. The quality of spotlight bead depends on chip quality and packaging technology. Chip quality determines the brightness and light attenuation of spotlight beads. A good spotlight bead not only has high luminous flux, but also has small light attenuation, so it is not easy to have problems.

3. Lamp belt classification: light with white light / warm white (light yellow light) / blue light / yellow light / green light / red light, and variable color light (the color of light can be adjusted by remote control) general home decoration. Warm white practicability is strong, this light yellow light color is relatively warm, the light of positive white is relatively bright, the light color is relatively fresh, yellow light is generally used for embellishment, and the light color is dark.

There is also a high power grid is the color change light belt, can be dimming called RGB (red, white, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange) and other colors can be freely changed.

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