Is HDMI or DP better for 2K monitor? Now let’s introduce it!

How to choose HDMI or DP interface for 2K computer monitor?

HDMI or DP for 2K display

1. Generally speaking, there is not much difference between the two interfaces used in 2K display. 2K is a resolution, and the bandwidth of DP interface is higher than that of HDMI, but this is mainly reflected in the difference in refresh rate. If you want to use it below 144hz, both can be used, but DP can also meet the bandwidth of 4k144hz display;

2. In Ultra HD, DP is better than HDMI; DP also supports 3D and audio; if you have higher requirements for the color performance of the display, it is obviously more suitable to choose DP wire;

3. However, in terms of popularity, HDMI covers a wider range, and more devices have HDMI interfaces;

In general, DP and HDMI are almost the same, but recommend the use of DP interface and wire, the above is about 2K display with HDMI or DP related introduction, hope to help you!

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