On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g commercial license to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television, marking that China has officially entered the 5g commercial era.

With regard to 5g, the overwhelming publicity is saying that it will change our lives. However, for ordinary users who are not practitioners, I only have a 5g mobile phone. What’s the difference in daily life? What kind of change does it bring?

1、 The most significant features of 5g

Before we talk about 5g life, let’s first look at 5g technology itself. Put aside the terminology, 5g, the fifth generation mobile communication technology, has the following three major advances compared with its predecessor 4G: 1. Higher bandwidth; 2. Lower latency; 3. Faster speed.

In short, it’s just one word, quick. The most intuitive feeling is that the network connection is more stable and the transmission speed is faster. Let’s take a look at the next simple speed measurement comparison.

How to change the shake of voice in tiktok 5G

The old house uses China Telecom to measure the speed in the open space between the high-rise buildings in the center of Shanghai. The blocking of the buildings has a certain impact on the signal. However, we can still see that the download bandwidth speed of 5g signal (left figure) is basically 8 or 9 times that of 4G network (right figure). If the signal can be better, I believe that the download speed can reach more than 1000Mbps 10 times the transmission speed of 4G network is not exaggerated.

2、 5g era, video first?

According to the above speed measurement chart, we can make a simple conversion. With the download speed of 700mbps, the actual download speed can reach nearly 90MB / s, and the upload speed can also reach 12MB / s.

The promotion and application of 5g speed up the transmission speed between data. For our ordinary users, there are three most intuitive feelings: faster download speed, faster file transmission and faster video opening (buffering). So when the 5g concept was just launched, many people predicted that “in the 5g era, video is the first fire”. Now 5g really comes, combined with the actual use, is it true?

First, let’s show our attitude, Lao Fang thinks, yes.

In the 4G era, a group of short video tiktok, which represented by fire, was also represented by WeChat. And WeChat’s friends circle is also a short video sharing channel. However, most of these short video sharing platforms are limited to publishing content for about ten seconds, and the reasons for this are as follows:

1. Transmission speed limit

In the 4G era, the highest download speed is about 10MB / s, and the upload speed is lower, which is about 2MB on average. Videos with too long duration, larger files and slow sharing speed.

2. Restrictions on traffic charges of operators

Yes, the traffic tariff in the 4G era is not cheap. In the case of China Mobile, for example, the 100 yuan package only has 10g traffic per month, which needs to be saved everywhere, so the network terms of “multi map early warning” and “traffic party persuasion” can be popular.

3. Limitation of fast pace of life

Of course, this is not absolute, but in such a busy moment, it is not surprising that people are more inclined to the concept of “short and smooth” consumption.

In the 5g era, the first problem has been solved. The transmission speed has been increased ten times, the waiting time has been greatly shortened, and people are more willing to share.

The second question is about the charges of traffic. Take China Mobile as an example. At present, the relatively cheap package is 128 yuan per month, including 5g traffic of 30g, which is much more than 4G package in terms of traffic. Many friends have said that 5g is a waste of traffic. In fact, it’s just a misunderstanding. As long as you use 5g according to your usual habits, it will only increase the speed, not the additional traffic. However, it should be noted that the increase of speed saves time, and we can do more in the same time, so the use of traffic will certainly increase accordingly. In addition, we accidentally update software and download video on 4G network. In order to save traffic, we can cancel it in time. But at 5g speed, we have not cancelled it yet, so the traffic is gone. Of course, there is also the most important point, don’t run speed measurement, don’t ask me why I know, said all tears

As for the third question, in fact, in the view of the old house, people’s living habits are greatly affected by the development of technology. 4G network accelerates the speed of data exchange and promotes the rapid development of a series of industries, such as short video, takeout, online shopping, etc., while 5g in this tenfold quality improvement can more drive the development of a number of industries that need big data exchange. For example, the 3G era is like an old-fashioned green train, and people realize that cities can get bigger in a few days; the 4G era is like a high-speed rail EMU, and it becomes a reality from day to day; while the 5g era can be seen as a maglev train, 50 kilometers away, listening to a song is so fast. Speed has changed people’s way of life. With the further improvement of speed, who will know whether people’s habits will change again?

3、 5g era video, how to fire?

Different from 4G era’s “short, smooth and fast”, Lao Fang believes that video sharing in 5g era may have the following characteristics.

1. Longer playback time

Just like with the maglev train, it would have taken me an hour to get to the airport. Now it only takes eight minutes to get there. The rest of the time I can make full use of to do other things. In the field of video, there is no longer a long wait. When the buffer is finished, every film is played in seconds. The saved time can be used to enjoy longer content.

2. Higher video quality

The quality mentioned here includes two aspects. One is the quality of video files, that is, resolution, frame rate, code rate, audio quality, etc. of course, it can also be simply understood that in order to speed up the buffer speed in the past, only 480p (standard definition) can be seen. Now 1080p (high-definition) video is arbitrary, anyway, it is a second brush, high-definition video brings a more pleasant viewing experience, why not? You should know that the code rate of the original disk of 4K blue light movie is also below 80mbps. In theory, 4G network can play, and 5g network is nothing. Second, the quality of video content, high-resolution and high frame number video can show more details, which can be seen at a glance from the rough production, which will certainly force professional video content sharers to work hard on the production of video content.

4、 Video experience of non professional users in 5g Era

We discussed our expectations and views on video content as viewers under 5g network. Let’s talk about our own video experience as non professional users in 5g era?

The most direct change is that video sharing will become anytime, anywhere, without worrying about network speed. For example, the video that was taken happily originally wanted to be sent to friends for sharing, but only a small part of it was uploaded in the past ten minutes, and the enthusiasm was extinguished instantly. In 5g network, this kind of situation will no longer exist. Even if you send the original video file directly by email, that is, every minute, your good mood can be shared to friends instantly, and the way of communication will become more diversified.

In addition, live video will become more anytime, anywhere. Of course, this is not just a professional anchor, but more of our ordinary users, high bandwidth, low latency, thousands of miles away, in sync with you. Imagine sharing the live concert with friends who can’t come here for some reason (of course, this may not be allowed), singing loudly together; or consulting experts from afar for real-time guidance and synchronous fine operation in case of problems in work.

Correspondingly, video shooting equipment will be more specialized. The most commonly used shooting equipment for our consumers is mobile phones. One of the key functions of 5g mobile phones in the future will be video shooting. For example, the reno3 series 5g video mobile phone recently released by oppo has added the video super anti shake function, which enables users to take out their mobile phone and shoot clear and stable video without carrying the pan tilt stabilizer, reducing the load, and providing hardware guarantee for the free video sharing in the 5g era.

In the age of 5g, video is the first thing, which will come true with the development of technology.

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