With the continuous development of enterprise scale, the quantity of materials in warehouse management is increasing, and there are many kinds of materials in and out of warehouse. The warehouse management is also complex and diversified. The previous manual warehouse operation mode and data collection mode cause high cost of manpower and time. Intelligent warehouse management is to adopt RFID technology in the existing warehouse management, to automatically collect the data of various operation links such as warehouse in, warehouse out, warehouse transfer, inventory check, etc., to effectively manage the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of the warehouse management, to ensure that the enterprise can timely and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.

The RFID positioning management system of asset tray uses RFID electronic tags to bind information, realize the positioning, searching, inventory and in and out management of asset tray, realize the comprehensive and real-time supervision of warehouse goods, fully solve the real-time supervision problems of warehouse goods, and realize the automation, informatization and digital management of warehouse.

How to carry out digital management of RFID tray automatic information

RFID storage pallet pallet management workflow

1. Install RFID tags on the pallet, and set RFID readers at the import and export of the warehouse. When the pallet passes through the reading and writing equipment, read the tag information.

2. When the goods are in and out of the warehouse, the RFID reader automatically reads the tag information and uploads it to the background management system.

3. Cargo pallet classification to ensure that the information on the cargo matches the pallet label information category.

4. When the goods are put on the shelves and transferred, the RFID reader on the forklift can identify the pallet classification and place the goods in the correct position.

5. The warehouse management personnel can use the hand-held RFID equipment to identify and locate, inventory and goods classification.

RIFD tray adopts passive electronic label, which is small in design and can be well embedded in plastic tray, so it is not easy to be collided and worn in the process of tray transportation; the system realizes long-distance identification, fast and reliable in reading and writing, can adapt to dynamic reading such as conveyor belt operation, has good anti-metal interference ability, and meets the needs of modern logistics; In label information processing, advanced data compression technology is adopted, which makes electronic labels carry the information (data package) of tray contents. It only needs to scan the RFID electronic labels of tray once to understand the information of items and improve the overall transparency of enterprise logistics. Reduce the error rate and the probability of goods damage, realize the quick and accurate inventory checking, and avoid the manpower and material resources needed to dismantle and reload the pallet, thus greatly saving the user cost.

RFID technology is widely used in the fields of production, logistics and storage. With the rapid development of warehousing automation, all kinds of industry-related equipment are also in a more scientific and practical direction. RFID technology plays a very important role in the efficient management of storage pallets. From the arrival inspection, warehousing, outbound, transfer, transfer, inventory check to the data collection of each operation link, it can ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data in each link of warehouse management.

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