With the continuous development of fingerprint lock market, fingerprint lock is gradually accepted by the public for its unique convenience. However, because it involves home safety, many people doubt its safety. Even many customers have decided to buy fingerprint lock, but they are still confused about which brand and model to choose.

How to buy fingerprint touch security lock

How do we judge whether a fingerprint lock is safe and reliable? First of all, the fingerprint lock adds the electronic identification part to the mechanical lock, and the mechanical part is still the traditional mechanical lock. Therefore, for the lock cylinder, we’d better choose the lock cylinder with anti-theft level above level C.

Second, there are two main types of fingerprint identification. The first type is optical fingerprint head, which has the advantages of friction resistance, long service life and low cost, but the identification sensitivity and accuracy are slightly poor. The object of comparison is semiconductor fingerprint lock. Although the wear resistance of semi-conductor fingerprint head is slightly poor, it has high identification accuracy and higher safety factor, At present, basically better fingerprint locks use semiconductor fingerprint heads.

How to buy fingerprint touch security lock

Third, when we buy brands, we’d better choose products from large manufacturers, because they are more professional and meticulous in R & D, fingerprint lock solutions and materials. In addition, if there are problems, the after-sales ability is relatively safe. In contrast, for some OEM brands, almost all links are lead workers, and even the most critical R & D is to directly purchase ready-made solutions. Compared with large manufacturers, there is no comparability except that the price is cheap.

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