Under the background of global industry 4.0, some manufacturing enterprises take the lead in relying on innovative technology applications to build “the most advanced factories in the world”.

At the same time, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and McKinsey have launched the global “lighthouse factory” network project in recent years to search and select such advanced manufacturing projects around the world every year.

Among them, Foxconn industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “industrial Fulian”) is located in Shenzhen’s “flexible assembly intelligent factory”, that is, their “light out factory” is one of the successful winners in this selection. In January 2019, it was selected as the “lighthouse factory” in the world economic forum.

At this stage, Fulian is carrying the industrial Internet dream of Foxconn Group (hereinafter referred to as “Foxconn”), not only implementing the overall solution of Lighthouse factory, but also proposing to build 10 “lighthouse factory” solution benchmarks in different industries at the forum of their two-year listing, so as to export Foxconn’s decades of precipitation in the manufacturing industry in many aspects.

So, when we apply Foxconn’s experience and ability in manufacturing industry to other industries, how can we copy or carry out work?

Liu Zongchang, chief data officer of FTU, said:

“When lighthouse factory is doing it, in fact, the cycle of each project will be very long. When building a lighthouse factory, first of all, they start from their head customers. Second, whether they plan this project with their customers or are familiar with each other’s business, the lead time will be relatively long. “

“Therefore, in the first year, they are more likely to make their plans into such marketing activities, slowly start to deliver 0-1 and set a benchmark, and then gradually stabilize into some product lines, so as to improve the efficiency of project delivery.”

Recently, from the perspectives of the work progress of building 10 “lighthouse factories”, how to export Foxconn’s experience and ability in manufacturing industry, and “surf” industry 4.0, this paper briefly sorts out the recent work achievements of industrial Fulian, and hereby shares them with you.

Building 10 “lighthouse factories”

According to public information, Fulian now has eight light-off factories in China, with production and R & D bases in 11 countries, including more than 20000 R & D personnel.

At present, Fulian has three technology service sectors, including lighthouse factory overall solution, including lighthouse factory planning, design, detailed design of use cases and general contracting implementation; in addition, the introduction of the entire operation system and personnel training, with hard and soft integration solutions in different scenarios; and 1 + n industrial Internet platform for supply chain services.

Among them, the “flexible assembly intelligent factory” selected as “lighthouse factory” brings together intelligent decision-making of supply chain, surface mount intelligent manufacturing platform, fully automatic flexible assembly production line, AI intelligent inspection and distribution system, production big data decision center and other units.

At the Forum on the second anniversary of the listing of industrial Fulian, Liu Zongchang revealed that the company is cooperating with head customers in auto parts, residential industry, building materials and other industries to export “lighthouse factories”. In 2020, it plans to build an overall solution benchmark for 10 lighthouse factories.

According to public information, in the first half of 2020, they signed a project cooperation framework agreement with CITIC holdings, CITIC daika and China Resources Cement, and jointly funded the establishment of an industrial Internet platform company. All parties intend to take the lead in building the “lighthouse factory” project of CITIC daika and China Resources Cement Fengkai company.

In the residential industry, Fulian has cooperated with seagull to build a digital workshop system. From MES to intelligent application on site, relevant solutions have been delivered in Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other factories. In addition, by building a 5g based Internet platform for collaborative design and manufacturing of residential industry, advanced management, process and information technology, intelligent equipment and other technologies are organically integrated.

Mr Liu said:

“Fulian will rely on its own uniqueness to provide enterprises with full station digital transformation and lighthouse factory building, which is not only consulting planning, scheme design, but also implementation. Fulian copies and shares its experience in the electronics industry. “

According to the official information, the project progress of different “lighthouse factory” customers of industrial Fulian is not the same in various industries, but on the whole, it has initially reached the annual target in terms of quantity. For example, they have cooperated with leading customers in automobile parts, rail transit, housing industry, building materials, tobacco and other industries. Meanwhile, the “lighthouse factory” that will be delivered for use is raiding the selection of “lighthouse factory” in the summer Davos forum.

How to copy Foxconn’s industrial Internet?

In April 2020, industrial Fulian announced that the company’s strategic investment in Lingyun light technology will promote both sides to jointly realize the landing of machine vision and artificial intelligence in the future “lighthouse factory” and the research and development of cutting-edge technology, and further improve the products, technology and ecology of industrial Fulian’s “new infrastructure” fields such as 5g, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet .

According to the general impression of the outside world, Fulian has formed a complete supply chain and intelligent manufacturing capacity of the global 3C electronics industry. So, how can they lead other advanced manufacturing modes in more non 3C electronic manufacturing fields

“Industrial Fulian has not only made achievements in 3C electronics, but also integrated vertical industry resources earlier, integrating many upstream and downstream industry chains, such as metal processing, surface treatment, thermal process and other manufacturing experience. For example, in the iron and steel industry, Fulian has mastered some casting, forging and welding processes, which can actually be done externally. “

As for the vertical fields such as tobacco and cement, which were less contacted before, Lei Feng learned that they think that the basic concept of manufacturing is actually quite consistent. If new industries, such as tobacco and cement, have opportunities, their gross profit is relatively high, and they are high value industries. Moreover, some industries used to be relatively closed and traditional, but their transformation potential is good, and so on, the FTU will also resolutely do it.

When the factory is landing, it is a process of continuous maturity. When it comes to intelligent manufacturing solutions for export, Liu Zongchang said:

“Since we are going across different industries, there must be barriers, which will take time to solve. At the same time, building a lighthouse factory is actually an integration of capabilities. In the whole part of intelligent manufacturing, we actually get the most difficult or “Pearl” first. As a lighthouse factory, we recognize the recognition of the world economic forum for lighthouse factory selection, because the factory it evaluates has certain standards and value orientation. “

Lei Feng net learned that when lighthouse factory is doing it, in fact, the cycle of each project will be very long. When building a lighthouse factory, the first thing they do is start with their head customers. Second, whether they plan the project cycle with their customers or are familiar with each other’s business cycle, the delivery cycle will be relatively long. Therefore, in the first year, they are more likely to make their plans into such marketing activities, and slowly start to deliver 0 ~ 1 and set a benchmark Later, it will gradually stabilize into some product lines, and then improve the efficiency.

It is understood that the “lighthouse factory” is delivered by the internal team of FTU, in which the consulting team has about 40 people, and the whole delivery team has about hundreds of people. Because project delivery is a very long service cycle in the chain. According to the preliminary blueprint, it will take about 3 to 5 years as a whole. There should be not only people who understand top-level design and have consulting ability, but also core solution architects, project managers who are responsible for development and implementation and have strong ability, as well as some organizational empowerment for customers, such as management consulting and talent training To cultivate the ability in this aspect.

It is expected that in 2021, the outside world will see a lot of benchmarking emerge, such as the successful cases of their customers, and the new lighthouse factories from inside and outside will be certified by the world economic forum. At present, Fulian also puts forward the role of partner in industrial value upgrading, hoping to establish in-depth cooperation between Party A and Party B.

Surfing industry 4.0

According to the prediction of markets and markets, the global market size of intelligent manufacturing will grow to US $299.19 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% from 2018 to 2023. According to the McKinsey Research Report, the industrial Internet will generate as much as $11.1 trillion in revenue per year before 2025.

At present, Fulian adopts the dual wheel drive strategy of “intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet” to export science and technology services.

First of all, in the aspect of intelligent manufacturing, it mainly exports the lighthouse factory total station overall solution for end-to-end service.

Moreover, at the industrial Internet level, they mainly provide technology services. Mr Liu said:

“First, build an end-to-end intelligent manufacturing solution, realize a complete vertical application scenario of process optimization, fully integrate into a lighthouse factory, and export the lighthouse factory’s overall solution.”

“Secondly, we will launch a scenario solution combining hard and soft to improve the speed of application promotion and replication.”

“Third, we will launch a” 1 + n “industrial Internet platform, and work with industry partners to create an industry application and service ecosystem, so as to provide industry-oriented and more targeted services.”

The main line of industrial Internet is related to the whole manufacturing service, such as testing, proofing, industrial design and other services. The goal is that if the future customer has a good product or idea, he can find some elements that support the platform to become a reality on the platform of enrichment cloud.

In the whole electronic manufacturing, its various links include professional manufacturing services. For example, some people need a large number of manufacturing services such as SMT, or sheet metal processing services. They can find the corresponding suppliers and resources.

At this stage, “lighthouse factory” is becoming the new operation and main business mode of industrial Fulian. On the one hand, by optimizing the production process and management system of the factory, it can bring practical benefits of improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing cost and reducing inventory; on the other hand, industrial Fulian will package and precipitate it into an overall solution for export, bringing new technology service revenue to the company.

In terms of organizational transformation, they also set up a “lighthouse College” to focus on the integration needs of at, OT, DT and Pt, devote themselves to the cultivation of industrial big data and industrial artificial intelligence talents, and help enterprises build an all-round talent echelon for digital transformation, so as to support the construction, implementation and continuous operation of Lighthouse factory.

To copy the experience and achievements of “industrial Fulian” in industrial Internet and other aspects, we need not only patience, but also support from various software and hardware, professionals and other aspects.

So, when the “lighthouse factories” exported by FTU are successfully selected as the “lighthouse factories” selected by the world economic forum, where will they take themselves?

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