This year, the State Grid Corporation of China has put forward the strategic goal of accelerating the promotion of hub type, platform type and sharing type enterprises, and building and operating “strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of things”. Under the background of rapid development of 5g technology, how to better use communication technology to develop power industry? Become a topic of concern in the industry. Recently, Xiang Lei, an expert from the expert committee of smart power big data research institute and vice president of Beijing Telecom Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., gave his interpretation on the application of 5g slicing technology in the power industry.

How to better empower the power industry with the help of communication technology

Xiang Lei said that the remarkable feature of 5g slice is to make each virtual network form a logical independence, and the failure of any virtual network will not affect other networks. Especially in distribution and power consumption, 5g network slice can form a low-cost and high-quality supplementary solution based on the existing optical fiber network, and play an important role in typical scenarios such as intelligent distributed distribution automation, millisecond power grid load control and low-voltage power consumption information collection. 5g sliced network can also improve the power business support requirements and solve the independent operation and maintenance management requirements.

Xiang Lei said that with the further development of communication technology, in the future, we can also use quantum communication, artificial intelligence AI and other technologies to ensure the security of power grid, and make great achievements in active operation and maintenance of power grid, operation specification detection, network security protection and other aspects.

Source; Polaris

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