The guyed displacement sensor is a kind of high precision instrument and a kind of metal induction device. It is composed of a group of angular displacement sensors and a group of pull boxes, which converts the physical quantity of the object to be measured into electrical signals. Therefore, several aspects are very important when using the wire displacement encoder. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the pull rope displacement sensor.

Firstly, there will be wear and tear when using the linear displacement sensor. Due to the long-term mechanical movement, it is easy to cause friction and wear. After a long time, it will cause the aging of the cable displacement sensor. These are inevitable damages. Therefore, when using the linear displacement sensor, we must add protective devices according to the use environment, for example, oil and impurities will be mixed into the use, Water, dust and so on will damage the cable displacement sensor, we can add waterproof device, dust box, etc., so as to reduce the damage of the cable encoder.

Second, the power supply must be stable, and there should be no big fluctuation, otherwise it is easy to damage the pull wire displacement sensor. The common power supply voltage of the commonly used pull wire displacement sensor is dc5-24v, and there are other power supply voltages to choose from. Depending on the actual situation of your own use, one thing to pay attention to is that the wiring must be correct and the wiring should be in accordance with the actual situation Figure wiring. If the connection is wrong, the measurement data will be inaccurate in light, and the pull wire displacement sensor will be burnt out if it is heavy.

Third, FM interference and electrostatic interference. The signal line of the pull wire displacement sensor should be separated from other main power lines as far as possible to avoid using the same cable slot.

Attention should be paid to the installation of the cable displacement sensor. The previous article also mentioned the installation precautions. Regular maintenance of the cable displacement sensor can also reduce the damage of the cable encoder. If there is a problem, you can use a multimeter to test, or consult our company’s technical personnel. Do not open it without permission. You can send it back to our factory for inspection and maintenance.

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