Nowadays, with the continuous development of RFID technology, the application field of RFID technology is expanding. Including the luggage transportation management system based on RFID technology. Some time ago, youboxun company successfully won the bid for the procurement project of “hand held scanning equipment for baggage transportation management system (BMS)” of China Eastern Airlines.

How to apply al RFID technology in baggage management system

On June 3, 2019, at the 75th annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the participating member airlines unanimously voted to support the global deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for luggage tracking, and called for the implementation of modern luggage information transmission standards, so as to track passengers’ luggage in real time and accurately at key nodes of the journey.

It is reported that RFID (radio frequency identification) is an automatic identification technology. Compared with the traditional barcode identification technology, RFID reading equipment has great flexibility and accuracy. In China, China Eastern Airlines officially promoted the use of the baggage transportation management system (BMS) in 2017. With the help of RFID radio frequency technology, it improved the whole process management and control ability of baggage, and provided real-time query service for passengers. After the application of RFID technology, all luggage will be tracked from the moment they are checked, so that passengers and airline employees can check the location of luggage at any time.

The handheld scanning device, which is used to scan RFID tags, is the UHF version of youboxun DT50. It has a high sensitivity RFID antenna, with a tag reading distance of up to 20 meters and a reading and writing speed of up to 100 pieces / second. It greatly improves the efficiency of reading luggage data and helps China Eastern Airlines to track luggage more efficiently and conveniently in the scene of luggage transportation, Reduce the risk of loss of luggage, greatly saving the valuable time of staff and passengers. Industry insiders pointed out that in the future, with airlines, airports and ground service providers fully applying RFID technology to passenger luggage management, it will bring a new market space for ubercom.

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