In the era of big data, informatization and digitization have become the mainstream of future development. Therefore, the construction of smart city, smart community and smart public security has also been gradually built under the background of rapid development of science and technology. As a high-tech enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of iris recognition for many years, Wuhan Hongshi technology has launched the iris database solution, Provide assistance for China’s “intelligent” construction.

Iris database building system is based on database storage technology. The communication mode used by each front-end acquisition and identification client of the system is controlled by the server of the server for data download and upload. The server is an independent server cluster. Its main function is to manage the communication of each acquisition and identification terminal, upload data and access rights. The front end is mainly used to collect iris information; The middle end is to store and process the identity information data; The back-end compares the identity information, presents and analyzes the data statistics, and finally realizes the purpose of verifying the legitimacy of personnel identity information.

How to apply iris recognition technology in the field of intelligent public security

The solution is a non-contact iris recognition system designed and developed based on rainbow recognition technology, so as to provide users with a complete personal identity management system. The product has superior performance and price, flexible system and simple and practical software, and can provide customers with a complete, reliable and safe non-contact intelligent iris management system, It also provides friendly operation interface and open interface to facilitate the docking of other application systems. Therefore, the device can be used in a variety of scenarios.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, different from the traditional way of identification which needs the help of foreign objects, which is easy to be lost or stolen by others, the biometric identification technology based on the uniqueness of human organs has been popularized. Among many biometric identification technologies, iris recognition technology has the characteristics of accurate identification, strong stability and good anti-counterfeiting, People are optimistic about it. The iris database solution proposed by rainbow recognition technology can be said to further promote the application and popularization of iris recognition technology.

Building intelligent public security is necessary to integrate public security information resources, coordinate public security business application system, and promote public security construction and scientific development of public security law enforcement, management and service. The construction of intelligent public security marks that the public security informatization is moving towards the high integration of digitization, networking and intelligence. The iris database solution also meets the needs of the society for clear, fast, efficient, flexible and intelligent response of public security work in the era of big data, expands the new space for public security organs to provide convenient services, and helps the construction of “intelligent public security”.

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