In recent years, with the rapid growth of floating population, a large number of people flow to cities. On the one hand, as human resources, floating population itself has made great contributions to social development and economic prosperity; On the other hand, the influx of a large number of floating population also poses new challenges to the social security management.

Housing is an important problem faced by floating population. How to manage public rental housing and apartments scientifically and reasonably is of great significance to stabilize social development and build a harmonious society. Wuhan Hongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. in response to the call of the national “all things connected smart safe community” project construction, combined with the construction standard of smart safe community, put forward the solution of enabling smart safe community with technology.

How to apply iris recognition in smart community

The smart security community system is mainly composed of four parts: identity collection platform, management center, public security data center and iris lock.

First of all, residents need to collect iris information to verify their identity when they check in Ping’an community. The data will be saved in the community management center. Then the community management staff will upload iris information to the public security database through the public security special network in the background for reporting. After reporting, the management center will open the check-in authority. When the residents leave the community, the management center will delete the iris information in the local database and complete the interaction in the public security data center, realizing the “one door, one eye” management system.

Iris access control management system first through the user iris information collected in advance, and given the predetermined authority, through the iris access control machine identification, so that only authorized people can enter the controlled area door group. Iris recognition access control function reads information and transmits it to the access controller. If access is allowed, the relay in the access controller will operate the electronic lock to open the door.

Iris access control system controls the non community residents entering and leaving the community from multiple levels. According to the order of personnel entering from the community, iris management system is set up in each entrance unit of the community. The property staff shall record the identity information of the visitors, check and communicate with the owners in time, and give them temporary authority after checking. If the authority is overdue, the authority will be withdrawn.

The whole system through the collection of human iris feature points, data comparison, not only convenient for travel, but also greatly improve the security of the community!

The application and deployment of smart safe community system can eliminate a number of security risks for the community, reduce the occurrence of criminal cases, and reduce the incidence of burglary in the community. I believe that in the future, with the continuous improvement of Wuhan Hongzhi Technology Co., Ltd., there will be more equipment integrated into every corner of our life safety.

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