In low temperature environment, industrial robots are often affected by low temperature, such as slow start-up speed, water pipe frost crack, lubricating oil solidification and so on, which affect the normal operation of industrial robots. So how to alleviate the phenomenon of slow start-up of industrial robots in low temperature?

If the industrial robot is not protected in the low temperature environment, it is easy to be affected by the low temperature, so it needs to use the heating robot protective clothing to protect it, so as to ensure the normal start-up and operation of the industrial robot in the low temperature environment.

The protective clothing of Antor heating robot is specially prepared for industrial robots in low temperature environment. Each set is made to measure. It not only has targeted protection function, but also is very simple, convenient and beautiful in installation and use.

The protective clothing of heating robot is made of composite materials and design drawings. It not only has good heat preservation function, but also can effectively prevent the robot from damage caused by bad environment.

Secondly, combined with the professional heating system, temperature control system and over temperature protection system, it can not only ensure the normal heating and adjust the appropriate temperature freely, but also automatically cut off the power when the temperature is over, so as to ensure its safety performance.

So how to solve the problem of slow start-up of industrial robots at low temperature? The protective clothing of Antor heating robot is preferred, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the robot in low temperature environment, but also extend its service life.

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