How to adjust the pressure of water pump inverter

The pressure regulating steps of water pump inverter are as follows: 1. Open PID closed-loop control; 2. Connected to pressure closed loop; 3. Set the pressure feedback and set the given pressure;

The change of pump speed can change the outlet pressure. Adjust the operating frequency of the frequency converter. The higher the frequency, the higher the pump speed and the higher the pressure. The operation method of the frequency converter can only be seen in the manual.

How does frequency converter come to constant voltage?

Frequency converter is also the core equipment of constant voltage control. For frequency converter, it is necessary to install intelligent PID controller to realize constant voltage control. PID controller is composed of proportional, integral, differential three units, mainly through to set these three parameters. PID controller is based on the principle of PID control to adjust the deviation of the whole system, so that the actual value and process requirements can be consistent. In short, the controller collects data and compares it with the reference value. Then the deviation is used to calculate the new input value. The purpose of the new input value is to keep the system data at the reference value. It is not that the actual value is equal to the reference value, but that the balance is maintained near the reference value, which can only be said to be dynamic balance.

To provide data collection for PID controller, it is necessary to use an analog instrument, namely pressure transmitter, which plays the role of detection and transmission in closed-loop regulation system. Detect the pressure, and then convert the detected pressure into current signal to the inverter. Then the frequency converter will directly accept the analog signal of the transmitter for PID control. Once the pressure changes, the output frequency of the frequency converter will also change, which will also change the speed of the motor, so as to achieve the goal of stabilizing the pressure.

In general, the pump outlet constant pressure control mode is adopted, and the pressure transmitter is installed at the water outlet of the pump, which can well reflect the real-time change of water pressure and make the control effect of the closed-loop regulation system better.

How to debug the pump inverter

Pump is a small machine, it can increase the pressure of liquid, life is generally used to increase the pressure of water, such as domestic water, fish pond water, etc. But for the use of pumps, many people are not very clear. So, the following small series will take you to understand how to debug the pump inverter and what you need to pay attention to when using the submersible pump inverter.

How to debug the water pump inverter:

First, the pump inverter PID closed-loop control is opened, then the pressure closed-loop is connected, and finally the given pressure is set. As long as you change the speed of the pump, you can change its water pressure. But before debugging the water pump inverter, we must make preparations before power on, such as checking whether the wiring and wiring of the inverter are correct and firm.

What should be paid attention to when using frequency converter for submersible pump

1. Submersible pump compared with ordinary pump, its load will be heavier, and it uses the motor rated flow will be larger. Therefore, when selecting the frequency converter of this kind of water pump, it must be based on the rated flow of the motor it uses, not only its power.

2. When installing the frequency converter of submersible pump, pay attention to the installation environment. If the environment is humid, the moisture-proof measures must be taken.

3. Usually, submersible pumps are placed at a depth of about 100 meters, and there is a certain distance between the inverter. Therefore, when using the frequency converter, we should pay attention to the problem of cable diameter. If the cable diameter is too small, it is easy to speed up the speed of line loss.

4. Submersible pump using frequency converter must be checked and maintained regularly to see if there is aging, leakage and other phenomena. Emergency measures should be taken before maintenance and cleaning for the occasions without power failure.

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